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Some Media Updates
01.16.2017 - CapCom

Greetings for the New Year! I've been away from the site for awhile, but was working on a couple of projects over the fall. After finishing the ultimately incredibly disappointing (and somewhat angering) Metroid Prime: Federation Force, there really hasn't been any official Metroid news for awhile. What's more, there was basically zero enthusiasm for the game and thus not much encouragement on this end to continue reporting on it.

However, as resident music connoisseur, I did undertake the MASSIVE project of extracting and tagging the entire Metroid Prime: Federation Force soundtrack. That's 231 tracks that had no labels, no order, and most sounded pretty much alike, meaning it took weeks and weeks to organize everything by painstakingly digging through playthrough videos. But, if you are curious as to what the game sounds like, go no further than the Metroid Prime: Federation Force Soundtrack exclusively here! There's a "VS. Space Pirates" remix from the Prime series at the beginning and end of the game, as well as a couple audio cues for when Samus appears, but otherwise no mixes. The main theme and menu themes are good listens though. Oh yeah, there's also the Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Soundtrack.

On that note, we also got our hands on the remastered AM2R soundtrack in FLAC and MP3. You can download these to listen to on your own or add to update the music that you may already have in the folder that contains a certain piece of software that no longer exists on this website.

On the subject of Metroid II, there's been an awful lot of love for the game now that AM2R was released, although veterans like Jesse D and I have long loved the sadly neglected original. We recently got word of an indie game "Space Child" that is heavily inspired by the Game Boy original. You can pick it up for $3.99 on Itch.io.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

New Hack Released: Metroid Rogue Dawn

For those close to the Metroid Hacking Scene, you would likely be familiar with Rogue Dawn, one of the most comprehensive (if not THE most comprehensive) Metroid NES hacks1 ever created! The game has been in development for several years, and resident hacker Grimlock has finally released the game to the public.

If you're looking for an extremely challenging new Metroid 1 game with completely overhauled level design, graphics, and music (YES, new MUSIC!), Rogue Dawn's got you covered! Congratulations to Grimlock and the rest of the contributors on this awesome hack. Expect every repro pirate in the world to now feed off of this brilliant game like it's going out of style.

Link to Romhacking.net

Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn Rogue Dawn


  1. Note: The Metroid Database does not assist with acquiring ROM files or game patching. There are PLENTY of resources out there to find out how! [back]

--Infinity's End

Metroid OST: Created with Analog Synth


This is definitely worth your eartime.

--Infinity's End

5 New Bestiary Entries

--Infinity's End

Nintendo Translated Interview

As promotional material for the newly released, grail-status NES Classic Edition console, Nintendo has actually taken the time to translate an originally Japanese developer interview, with the two most famous Metroid developers in history, Yoshio Sakamoto, and Hiroji Kiyotake. Read it by clicking the image below.

NES Classic Interview

The interview itself offers very little new information to hardcore Metroid fans, beyond a very small tidbit: the explanation of the "Special thanks" credit TOHRYU MAKO BENKEI. This credit doesn't refer to a person, but is a reference to takeout dining restaurants that the team ate from during the late nights of the game's final 3-month crunch. The restaurants were Tohryu, Sometime Mako, and Benkei Dining.

--Infinity's End

Happy Thanksgiving from Metroid Database!
MDb Thanksgiving

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AM2R removed from The Game Awards Nominees

This tweet made by one of the pixel artists who worked on the game. Unsurprisingly, Pokemon Uranium was also removed from the list of nominees.

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Nintendo finally caters to hardcore gamers...

Introducing, the Nintendo Switch.

More as it comes.

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20th Anniversary, Design a Boss Contest

Another year down - and I can definitely say that 2016 has definitely been the most tumultuous in American history, as long as I've been alive. Regardless of the outcome of our over-stimulating election, we hope we've done a good job in providing y'all with tons of great Metroid content over these past 20 years.

20 years is a long ass time to maintain a fansite, especially one as small as ours, with an extremely small, almost non-existent budget. We pride ourselves in making sure that we will always be the premiere spot for your Metroid news.

Confession time: I had originally planned on releasing an overhaul of this entire site to be released today. Obviously that didn't happen. Website redesigns aren't an easy task. And when you have very little spare time and an extremely small staff that share the same spare time constraint, things just don't go as well as you hope all the time. We promise we will eventually get there - with Sm4sh and Metroid Prime Federation Force sections, of course. We appreciate your patience until then.

Design a Boss Contest

contest 5

In other news, our 5th contest begins today! We are excited to unveil the Design a Boss contest which asks you creative Metroid fans to create your own boss that would fit in the Metroid series. I'm super excited to see what you come up with! And for those who have won our past contests, please refrain from submitting this year as to give some other folks a chance.

Cheers, good luck, and happy 20th anniversary to all our fans, my co-staff, and the Metroid community at large. We definitely wouldn't still be here if it weren't for your continued love and support over the last 20 years! HERE'S TO 20 MORE YEARS ONLINE!MDb logo

Special Thanks

  • Devin: We've had our share of ups and downs. You're one of my best friends and I'm very proud of how far we've come.
  • Matt & Philipp: You guys have really killed it when it comes to our social media outreach. Your hard work is deeply appreciated. Please continue to do what you're doing!
  • Tim: You have been a pillar in all this and I seriously doubt we'd still be around had it not been for your help.
  • Jesse & TJ: I am completely in awe by all the work you've put into this site in the past. You will always have my most deepest, profound respect.
  • Aaron: You have been the most generous person for hosting the MDb after IGN kicked us to the curb years ago. We will be forever in your debt!

--Infinity's End

Prime 3 Samus Figma Prototype Revealed

In case you don't follow our social media accounts, we were given a taste of the upcoming Figma based on Metroid Prime 3's version of Samus. The figure seems to be a near-perfect recreation. As many fans have noticed, her waist/lower torso area seems very thin - a bit thinner than usual. Her helmet also doesn't quite seem perfectly accurate but I feel like that's nitpicking. Seeing as it is a prototype and is specifically noted as "Pending Licensor Approval," we have hopes that this will be something that will be remedied before the final release. Look forward to this one, likely coming out sometime next year.

Prime Samus Figma Prime Samus Figma Prime Samus Figma Prime Samus Figma Prime Samus Figma Prime Samus Figma

Special thanks to Anime Toy News for these beautiful shots from NYCC!

Here's another shot from the official Good Smile Company tumblr.

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