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Metroid EX Chapter 10 is Certain Death
09.01.2015 - CapCom
Metroid EX Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of Samus & Joey: Metroid Extreme is now up and ready for reading! This may be the best chapter yet - plenty of surprises here as the story draws to a close. We've only got two chapters left - what will be the final outcome of Samus, Joey, and Diesel's great adventure??

If you're really happy with the manga, be sure to let us know on the forums or on Facebook!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

New Awesome Metroid-centric Designs at Once Upon a Tee!

Once Upon a Tee is back again with another fantastic offering. This time the style has taken inspiration from Marvel Comics' Iron Man and merged it with our favorite franchise. Get the shirts as individuals or buy all 4 for only $44! That's only $11 per shirt! Better get on this deal soon because they're gone in less than a week!

Keep in mind Once Upon A Tee also offers these designs as mousepads, phone cases, and coasters!

Available now through September 7th @ 1pm PST
Only $12 for sizes S-XL.

Once Upon A Tee Once Upon A Tee Once Upon A Tee Once Upon A Tee

Get all 4 at $11 per shirt!

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For all your purchases, please sure you click through the image above so we are properly credited for the affiliation. Your purchases directly help affording the costs of our site. Thanks go out to Jason from Once Upon a Tee as well as any future purchasers!

--Infinity's End

Samus in Super Mario Maker

The footage starts around 2:35. When you collect the mushroom, it plays the famous "Samus Appears" jingle, and then plays it again after you beat the stage.

--Infinity's End

SSB WiiU / 3DS: Wave 3 Mii Fighter costumes includes... SAMUS?!

On July 30th, a new trailer for the 3rd wave of Mii Fighter costumes was revealed. Samus's power suit is now as a choice as a costume. You can combine this costume with her helmet to look like a full-on legit Samus, but still be your Gunner Mii. This is in case you felt playing as ACTUAL Samus wasn't good enough, and you just wanted to be a Mii, but wearing Samus's suit...

The other costumes are:

  • A red SSB Hoodie (supports all 3 types)
  • Bear Suit with paw-in-honeypot (for Gunners)
  • Flying Man (Earthbound for Brawlers)
  • Chrom (Fire Emblem for Swordfighters)
  • Black Knight (Fire Emblem for Swordfighters)
  • King K. Rool (Donkey Kong series for Brawler)
  • Lloyd (Tales of Symphonia for Swordfighters)

--Infinity's End

Metroid Celebration August 15
08.06.2015 - CapCom
Metroid Celebration

Today may be Metroid's 29th birthday in Japan, but Platinumfungi is hosting this big Metroid event on the game's US birthday on the 15th. He is giving away tons of awesome Metroid prizes, including:

  • Wearable cosplay Power Suit helmet
  • Wearable cosplay arm cannon
  • Boxed copy of Metroid for NES
  • Metroid hatchling in containment jar art sculpture
  • 2D Metroid pixel art wall hanging
  • Hand drawn map of the entire game world
  • More secrets than you can shake a Chozo statue at
  • Here's some more details of the event:

    This event goes far beyond just me though. I'm gathering creative allies to post content and help make the event that much more meaningful. Artists, cosplayers, musicians, and diy'ers are joining in, and some will also be giving away cool Metroid merch.
    Beyond all of that, I'm asking fans around the world to join in the fun and post their favorite Metroid memories, photos, videos, and more on social media on the 15th with the hashtag #metroidcelebration.
    My intent with this event is to create a unique new experience for the retro gaming community. I hope to create something special that the fans enjoy and remember for some time to come.

    Let's all party like it's 1986!

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Kensuke Tanabe Interview Reveals Federation Force Story
    07.22.2015 - CapCom

    In a recent interview with CGM, Kensuke Tanabe answers many of the questions we had about Federation Force, particularly the story, Blast Ball, and fan reactions. The game centers around an archaeological survey mission into former Federation territory that is now taken over by Space Pirates:

    "So the story itself revolves around this star system that consists of three planets. One of these three planets has the ruins of a factory that was once used by [the] Galactic Federation but has since been abandoned. The Galactic Federation member you the player take control of will go to this planet to conduct some research.
    The Galactic Federation member goes out to the planet to try and research all the ancient ruins. As that member goes about their mission, they end up finding that the Space Pirates are there, plotting something and creating the ultimate type of weapon to use against the Galactic Federation."

    Despite the focus on the Federation soldiers (something he emphasizes Yoshio Sakamoto hadn't explored), Tanabe wants to make sure the game is strongly connected to the rest of the Metroid universe, similar to how The Avengers ties together so many superhero narratives - it just won't happen through Phazon.

    "[T]he story around [Phason] and Dark Samus in my mind is already complete." However, Sylux appears in the 100% ending to Metroid Prime 3, which was done to tie Hunters together with the rest of the Prime universe - and also to express Tanabe's desire to continue the story between Samus and Sylux. However, Samus will be in there "for sure. You will see her in some way."

    Interestingly, Tanabe also notes that Blast Ball has a story mode as part of some "tough training" where "a Galactic Garrison member gets chosen" that is "a final test" for squad members, so it isn't just a minigame.

    Blast Ball is Tanabe's solution to the problem of FPS players having very different skill levels. The most advanced players will easily dominate multiplayer arenas, but since the ball is so large, anyone can shoot at it, even from a distance.

    Tanabe also gives some pointed comments on the strong reactions many Metroid fans had to the game, saying it was something he expected, and emphasizing the need to play it to decide:

    "[O]nce the players can actually have hands-on experience with the actual game, they'll be able to understand and experience for themselves how the game actually feels and that the Metroid Prime universe atmosphere is there, and the music that is used in the game is so heavily related to the Prime series...[I]t'll certainly make a difference once you get some experience with the game."

    Just like when Metroid Prime was first announced to be a "First Person Adventure" back in 2002, Tanabe's advice is essentially "try it for yourself." On that note, you could probably imagine the type of reaction that would have exploded through the Internet if there had been Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit back then... we certainly saw a lot of it on the message board. And that's really why you won't see any coverage of that here. We on the Metroid Database staff want to play the game for ourselves first before giving any final judgment and hope there will be more updates on the game's development soon.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    MHQthon 2015 is underway!

    That's right folks - our friends at MetroidHQ.com have begun their annual marathon playing all the Metroid titles for charity. As of this writing, they are in the middle of Metroid Fusion. Their schedule is as follows (times are PST):

      15th July:
    • Metroid Fusion: 3 PM, Saturnaut, 5 hours.
    • Metroid II: 9 PM, FB230, 3 hours.
    • Metroid Blast: 1 AM, MYzlStyx, Nathaniel, Elias, FB230, 3 hours.

    • 16th July:
    • Metroid Prime: Pinball: 5 AM, Nathaniel 4 hours.
    • Metroid Prime: 10 AM, Torbs & Lise, 8 hours.
    • Super Metroid: 7 PM, FB230, 3 hours.
    • Metroid Zero Mission: 11 PM, Saturnaut, 6 hours.
    • Metroid Prime Hunters: 6 AM, Elias, 6 hours.

    • 17th July:
    • AM2R: 1 PM, FB230, 4 hours.
    • Metroid Other M: 6 PM, MYzlStyx, 10 hours.

    • 18th July:
    • Metroid Prime 2 Echoes: 5 AM, Nathaniel, 12 hours.
    • Metroid Prime 3 Corruption: 6 PM, MYzlStyx, 14 hours.

    • 19th July:
    • Metroid: 9 AM, Elias, 4 hours.

    So head on over to MetroidHQ.com and donate some bucks to a good cause while you're at it!

    --Infinity's End

    Yoshio Sakamoto on Satoru Iwata
    07.14.2015 - CapCom

    This excerpt is from an interview with Yoshio Sakamoto from Simple Series magazine published June 1, 2003. The interview was conducted by Kiyoshi Oune. The translation is still being worked on so has not been properly proofed, but I felt it was a good time to share this story about Balloon Fight's development.

    Oune: Balloon Fight was next?

    Sakamoto: Yes, it was my second work. That was also Yokoi-san's idea. I had already experienced one project, there didn't seem to be any rules, and since it was a job I thought about, it was easy to make specifications. We went forward with the Famicom and (Arcade) VS System versions at about the same time.

    Oune: Oh, the VS System version and home version were separate games?

    Sakamoto: When we were developing them, they were still separate. The Famicom version was done by HAL Labs. The art was mostly the same, but with the VS System version, we added a part called "Let's Fight!" that would scroll up and down. Beyond that, I think they were basically the same.

    Oune: Speaking of Balloon Fight, Iwata-san is the current president of HAL labs, but did you work together with him at the development studio?

    Sakamoto: The Famicom version of Balloon Fight was a game that Iwata programmed by himself. As most people know, he was an excellent programmer. Back then, since the programming environment was very poor, you couldn't read the program source code on a PC like today. He ran around holding a printout that looked like a telephone book. If he said, "Fix this," the programmers would first flip through the pages to search for the parts he'd modified.

    Oune: That was what you might call a "paper debug".

    Sakamoto: It was a very difficult period for making even a few changes. In order to make changes to Balloon Fight, when a young Iwata came to R&D1 and secluded himself in a room, Yokoi-san came in suddenly, and after he said, "Hmm, I don't like this," Iwata replied, "Understood!" and fixed them on the spot immediately.

    Oune: Did he have the entire phone book of the source code in his head?!

    Sakamoto: Even Yokoi-san seemed very surprised when he came back from drinking tea and Iwata had just about fixed it. Of course, I was also surprised. Oh yes, I just remembered something else. Although we made the VS System version later than the Famicom version, he had a prototype running in no time at all.

    Oune: The legends of Iwata-san are completely true! (Laughs)

    Here Satoru Iwata plays Balloon Fight with the head of Game Center CX, a show in Japan similar to "Let's Play."

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    Hip Tanaka Baloon Fight Tribute
    07.14.2015 - CapCom

    Hirokazu Tanaka has released a Balloon Fight remix under his handle Chip Tanaka in tribute to Satoru Iwata. The track, named "Acerola Beach," is available on Soundcloud. Tanaka-san composed the original Balloon Fight theme, and Iwata programmed the Famicom version of the game.

    Fans have also been submitting artwork and other tributes to Iwata's memory.

    Until next time...
    Captain Commando

    R.I.P. Satoru Iwata (1959-2015)

    Nintendo has sadly announced that longtime president and CEO, Mr. Satoru Iwata has passed away after a bile duct growth overcame him this weekend.

    Mr. Iwata has been an important part of the Metroid series, and has either given the green light, or overseen the release of every Metroid game beginning with Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime, to the newly announced Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Naturally his record went beyond the Metroid series, and his tenure as President of Nintendo. His career began as a programmer for HAL Labs, working on many classic games which gave him the perspective of a developer as he transitioned to the business side of the industry. Eventually Mr. Iwata would succeed the previous Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, and transformed Nintendo into its modern form.

    Mr. Iwata, on behalf of Metroid Database, we thank you for everything you have done for the Metroid series, Nintendo, and gaming in general. You helped put smiles on the faces of gamers for decades, and we hope that you rest in peace.

    Satoru Iwata

    --James Pierce


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