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Metroid EX Gets an EXTREME Duel
06.30.2015 - CapCom
Metroid EX: Chapter 8

Continuing the tradition of pushing things to the limit, Chapter 8 of Metroid EX winds up the ultimate duel between Samus and Knight. Just who is this mysterious warrior? And how will this epic duel come to a close? Read to find out! And be sure to pay attention to the details in the illustrations, like the reflection in Knight's sword - Idzuki Kouji's art just gets better and better!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

@MetroidDatabase on Instagram

Finally, the Metroid Database has entered the world of Instagram! Got a smart phone? Got Instagram? Follow us, and we will almost guarantee a follow-back! I've personally started my Instagram journey last year, which mostly features my pixel painting artwork, and fell in love with the Instagram community's positivity and welcoming nature. It is truly a great place, where everything you love is on display. As an extension of our site, this IG account will help us focus on the content that makes our site so great. We hope this new addition will serve the Metroid fandom well!

mdb on instagram

Follow us @metroiddatabase!

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More MP:FF Footage from the Treehouse at E3!

--Infinity's End

Treehouse footage of Metroid Prime Federation Force

For those of you who missed it on Tuesday:

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Tanabe-san interviews

Interviews interviews interviews!

This headline will be a compilation of news about the recently announced Metroid Prime Federation Force as they have been appearing throughout this week's E3.

More as they come/are found.

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force & Blast Ball
06.16.2015 - Apothem

Earlier today during their E3 Direct presentation, Nintendo announced two new Metroid spinoff titles: Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, bundled together as one co-operative multiplayer focused first-person shooter 3DS experience, developed by Next Level Games and due tentatively in 2016.

This particular title shifts focus from series' heroine Samus Aran to a band of Galactic Federation troopers as they fight the various threats of the Metroid franchise, or engage in a friendly competitive game of mecha-soccer. It looks very much like an up-scaled Metroid Prime: Hunters, and would seem to play similarly as well.

Federation Force focuses on 4 player co-op objective-based missions, and promises a variety of weapons on offer to topple foes with gyroscopic assisted aiming. Blast Ball shifts that focus to 3v3 team matches, literally blasting a giant soccer ball with weapons and power-ups into an opposing goal to score, with the first team to reach 3 points victorious. Blast Ball can even be sent free of charge to friends via Nintendo 3DS Download Play.

Not much else is known at present, but as news breaks you can best your blasters we'll report on it. Hopefully this is a precursor to a proper, full-fledged Metroid experience on either Wii U or 3DS, but if not we're certain it'll be fun all the same. Until then, keep it locked here at the MDb for any and all future Metroid related updates!

We've also created some custom wallpaper so you can customize your desktops!

And that's not all! We also learned that Amiibos will be used in Super Mario Maker so you can play as Samus (not shown in the video, but other cameos were), and also in Yoshi's Wooly World! Isn't Samus Yoshi cute!


Metroid Extreme: Chivalry isn't dead...or is it?
Metroid EX ch 7

Samus and the crew land on a spooky graveyard planet, but little do they know what lurks in the shadows... Is it a zombie? Is it an illusion? And what became of the Deadly Six stars? The one who dares to challenge Samus to a duel is none other than Knight, Greed's general. This chapter is the beginning of an awesomely intense battle so get your read on in our latest scanlation of Metroid Extreme: Duel with Knight!

--Infinity's End

Once Upon a Tee gets Technical!

Once Upon a Tee has once again graced us with a new Metroid-themed design! "Tech Hunter" features the iconic Screw Attack "S" symbol. They also are offering other franchises such as the Hyrule Crest, the SSB logo, and a Pokeball.

Keep in mind Once Upon A Tee also offers these designs as mousepads, phone cases, and coasters!

Available now through June 9 @ 1pm PST

Once Upon A Tee

only $12 for sizes S-XL!



at checkout to receive 5% off of your order!

For all your purchases, please sure you click through the image above so we are properly credited for the affiliation. Your purchases directly help affording the costs of our site. Thanks go out to Jason from Once Upon A Tee as well as any future purchasers!

P.S. - For all you Game of Thrones fans out there, OUAT also has you covered this week with some awesome designs. Be sure to head over to Once Upon a Tee and check it out before it's too late!

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Metroid Extreme Goes to the Beach
06.09.2015 - CapCom
Metroid Extreme

The latest chapter of Metroid EX is up, and just in time for summer! This time around, Samus and Joey head for an ocean planet. This seaside paradise is complete with tourist shops, friendly locals who most certainly will NOT try to mug you (usually), submersibles in (somewhat) perfect working order, beautiful beaches, and glittering ocean waves that will boil the flesh off your bones. Yes, there's something fishy here, and it's up to Samus to solve this mystery! Along the way, she'll find the last of the Deadly Six Stars, who holds her Varia Suit data capsule...and one big fish!

Until next time...
Captain Commando

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