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Limited Edition Tshirt from Teeconomist

Just in time for the holiday season, Teeconomist has graced us once again with a Samus-themed shirt for you to enjoy. The shirt is called "Samusplatter" and features a version of the Metroid Prime Hunters promo art but done in a style of paint splattering - very cool! Pick one up today from Teeconomist for only $10.00, while supplies last!

Better get it fast, this deal is only good for 24 hours!

--Infinity's End

11.21.2014 - Apothem

Greetings, all, and Happy Smash Day to everyone! At least those of you living in North America, anyway. Today marks the long awaited - initial - release of Super Smash Bros. Wii U, latest in the seminal line of Nintendo's world famous cacophonous character crossover confrontations. Front and center is our own in-amber-clad First Lady of Gaming, Samus herself! She's joined by 48 other distinguished gaming icons, 41 frequently crazy stages, and hundreds of battle items, trophies, and easter eggs culled from dozens of different franchises - from Nintendo and beyond. Super Smash Bros. Wii U promises to be the single largest repository of interactive gaming nostalgia yet seen in the industry, and is the only place where players can pit the likes of Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man head-to-head to settle that ages old question: Who's the better character?

For those of you across the ponds, worry not! You'll be smashing in no time! Smash Bros. Wii U will release next in Europe on November 28, Australia the next day on November 29, and finally in Japan about a week later on December 6. The wait may be brutal, but not long!

Until such a time as we're all smashing each other into brightly colored virtual oblivion, consider heading on over to our forums, where we have a long-lived and heavily trafficked Smash Brothers thread dedicated solely to all things smashing. Feel free to compliment, critique, complain, and compare everything from the brief but endlessly fun series alongside our modest community, many of whom live, eat, and breath all things Smash.

Last - but not least - should the wait prove unbearable, or should you need your brawl on the go, let us not forget Super Smash Bros. is also on the 3DS! Some may consider it little more than a precursor to it's console counterpart, but a sizable community has already formed around the game, and many of us here actively engage each other on the handheld. Nintendo seems determined to keep us smashing wherever we may be.

Also launching alongside Smash Bros. Wii U is Nintendo's ambitious new merchandising initiative: Amiibo! Starting with twelve adorable little figurines, and designed primarily with Smash Bros. in mind for now, Amiibo represents Nintendo's gradual foray into the realm of character driven physical DLC, similar to the likes of Skylanders and Disney's Infinity series.

Helping headline this new project is once again Samus, fully armored and standing tall amongst her peers! Samus Amiibo
(Click to enlarge)

The exact functionality of each figure is specifically game dependent, but many are promised to work across multiple titles, not just a single game, which can make things a little confusing and difficult to keep track of. Thankfully, we here at the MDb have you fans covered with our handy - and regularly updated - guide to all known things Amiibo on our forums!

For Smash Bros. specifically, all twelve initial figures allow players to train respective virtual fighters, customizing moves, building stats, fighting against them directly, or pitting them against other player's Amiibo fighters. The character data is stored directly to the figure itself, allowing for easy pick-up-and-play across multiple consoles, should you ever want to challenge a friend directly in their own home, or anywhere else beyond your living room.

A few other games known to support Amiibo are Mario Kart 8, where the various figures unlock character costumes for Mii racers; and Hyrule Warriors, where the Link figure will unlock a brand new weapon type for him in-game. At present, exact functionality for many games remains unknown, but Nintendo is committed moving forward to making each Amiibo figure a worthwhile investment. For now, they can at least serve as nice little collectables, particularly for many of the characters on offer who rarely - if ever - receive any official merchandise, much like Samus herself, unfortunately.

Wrapping up the days announcements: Metroid II: The Return of Samus is now available as a 3DS Nintendo Club reward! Perhaps not the most exhilarating of Metroid news, but regardless, for 150 coins this fine - if not underrated - entry in the franchise can be yours. Alternatively, you can pick it up on the 3DS eShop for $3.99 USD or your local equivalent. Should you still be wanting for more alien blasting/exotic world exploring excellence, the original Metroid is available on both the 3DS and Wii U eShop for $4.99 USD, and Super Metroid is available on the Wii U eShop for $7.99 USD.

Until next time there's something of interest to report in the world of Metroid,



Aurora Unit Signing Off

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Metroid Database is that it's not just a site focused on the next big wave or variation, but a full celebration of the rich history and legacy that the games have imparted and retained over time.

I first started visiting the MDb around 2005. I was initially drawn here by many of the same things that likely drew many of you. When I wasn't busy blasting alien life-forms through every corridor and cavern, this site offered me much more insight into the games' details. Even more, it gave me resources to dream! There is so much more content and features here today, thanks to the stalwart efforts of the MDb Admin, and all of our contributors over the years -- many fantastic memories and talented fans along the way.

Although I'm going to miss the days of deciphering Chozo alphabet characters from blurry offscreen game footage, that inquisitiveness is helping me as I begin to learn and transcribe with other scripts, such as contracted braille. You might still see me from time to time on the forums, but my new focus is shifting towards the Education sectors, as I help to support a variety of students, veterans, and some fellow gamers with disabilities.

Everyone here has their own story to share about their first Metroid experience, and how the universe, character, or mechanics inspired them to flex their creative imagination and exploration spirit. I'm happy to have shared and highlighted some of these stories with all of you, and would like to thank the staff and community for giving me the opportunity.

See you next mission...

--Aurora Unit_

11.17.2014 - Apothem

Greetings one and all, I am Apothem, long time forumite and newest contributor to the Metroid Database staff. A lifelong Metroid - and general Nintendo - fan, I've been perusing the MDb and engaging with it's modest but exemplary community for over six years. I first wondered here back in June 2008, interested in little more than trading friend codes for credits in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Since then I've gradually grown increasingly involved with the forums, and am now one of the most regularly active members on the site. I've been playing Metroid titles for as long as I could hold a controller, from the first on the NES to the latest on the Wii, and am more than excited to be bringing my passion for the series and signature verbosity to bear here on the front page of the world's premier Metroid fansite!

I will endeavor, along with the rest of our fine staff, to bring you all - my fellow fans - the very best from around the web. Official Metroid news may be slim, but that hasn't stopped the awesome fandom surrounding one of - if not the - best videogame series of all time from cranking out excellent content to tide us all over until the inevitable - and hopefully imminent - announcement of a new Metroid game, much of which is available right here in the MDb's "Fan Creations" section, conveniently located to your browsing left.

For now, make sure to join us in our continuing celebration of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes 10th anniversary by reading the recently completed - against all discernible odds - Episode of Aether manga, tracked down and translated by our resident linguistical wizard CapCom; and also be sure to check out our excellent and recently expanded Bestiary, courtesy local artistic aficionado Infinity's End and the myriad of impressively imaginative creature-smiths he's wrangled from every conceivable corner of the web.

If after all that you've still time to spare, come join me and our awesome community on our ever active forums and help us discuss all things Metroid, Nintendo, videogames in general, and everything in between and beyond!

Until next time,



Metroid Prime 2 10th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of one of the most divisive games in the Metroid Prime series: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The game brought some very questionable elements to the table, like the implementation of Beam Ammo and the fun-but-limited version of the Screw Attack. It did have the Sanctuary Fortress though, which is considered one of the best areas in the franchise, as well as an unmatched, spooky, dreary, and completely alien atmosphere throughout.

Kensuke Tanabe's influence added a "Link to the Past"-esque element to the game allowing you to switch between both light and dark worlds, each with their own terrain and custom enemies. The game is also distinctly challenging, and was purposefully toned back a bit when released on the Trilogy disc.

In regards to the history of the MDb, the game was one that "beat" our very own TJ Rappel, as he bemoaned the game's difficulty, the cheapness of the Spider Guardian, and just not being that into First Person games. TJ eventually did end up going back and beating it, fortunately.

Our celebration kicks off with, you guessed it: a bunch of awesome, brand spankin' new Metroid Prime 2-themed Bestiary Entries! Rundash, Rob Powell, and Smolb all came back out of the darkness to submit these beautiful entries for your viewing fulfillment. Please give them a look-see and enjoy!

Amorbis Dark Tallon Metroid Hunter Ing Infant Tallon Metroid Warrior Ing

(And lastly a mention of a forgotten-but-now-found Memu-X by Smolb!)

Our festivities conclude with the one and only FINAL CHAPTER OF EPISODE OF AETHER!!!

MP2 EoA Ch7

Our scanlation has finally come to an epic conclusion, as Samus takes on Dark Samus once and for all, with a little help from her Galactic Federation friends she met along the way. On top of that, however, CapCom and I have gone back and remastered all of the other 6 chapters. There is much more cleaner, organized typesetting and new and updated translations to make your reading experience that much better. We hope you all appreciate this new and final edition of the entire Metroid Prime 2 manga, originally released by Comic Bom Bom. The Manga ran from 2005-2006, and is now available for English-reading audiences for the very first time online. Big thanks to CapCom for his hard work on tracking down and translating this extremely rare manga! Cheers, everyone! Kick back a celebratory drink of choice today for Metroid Prime 2!

Not enough Metroid Prime 2 goodness to whet your whistle? Try this search for Metroid Prime 2 on Tumblr!

--Infinity's End

Jesse D Signing Off
11.13.2014 - Jesse D

It's 1996. I just got my first personal computer and a subscription to this strange new thing called the "Internet." After struggling to get my screechy 28.8kbps modem to make a connection, the first webpage I ever visited was a search engine. As the cursor blinked, gingerly awaiting my query, I had no idea what to type. So, I started with my favorite video game.

There wasn't much to do with Metroid back in those days, other than a couple of cheat code websites and lists of NES cartridges. I didn't see what made the Internet so exciting until I wandered into this thing called "The Metroid Database."

What I discovered was the first website that truly impressed me... vivid colors, unique artwork and even a freakin' soundtrack! It contained pages full of unique information, "secret passages" and a public forum. This website was crafted passionately by a fan, for fans.

Fast forward eighteen years. I reminisce now of the friends I've made (and enemies... who remembers RRickyR?), my adventures in Secret World hunting, the coming and going of many great Nintendo systems, and everything I have learned that has made me who I am today. I joined the team alongside Infinity's End in 2007. Along with CapCom, we have given the site and community a second life. I am insanely proud to have been a part of Team MDb and am thankful to Devin and Ryan for the incredible amount of content that we have created over the years. We've kicked a lot of ass. As fans, for fans.

My life is different now and I have a lot of exciting changes to look forward to. Where TJ once chose to pass the torch down to a younger generation of fresh minds, so too have I chosen to do the same. You might still see me from time to time, quietly stalking the forum or helping out our newest generation of staff. But as far as being a site admin, I am now signing off. Thank you, all of you.

See You Next Mission.

-Jesse D_

Bayonetta Samus Artwork and Mario Kart 8 Samus

Bayonetta 2 has been available for a little under two weeks now, and Platinum Games have updated their official staff blog with an entry discussing the four Nintendo themed costumes included in Bayonetta 2 and the Wii U port of Bayonetta. Designer Yong-Hee Cho talks about the challenges in creating a costume based off of the design from the original Metroid released almost 30 years ago. If you haven't picked up Bayonetta 2 yet I strongly encourage you to do so. Platinum Games have created an amazing product which is the pinnacle of the action genre, and a game which all future action games will be judged against.

Bayonetta Samus

In addition, Nintendo have announced some new amiibo functionality for Mario Kart 8 in their latest Nintendo Direct. When players scan their Samus amiibo into Mario Kart 8, their Miis will be given a Samus costume to race in. The Samus amiibo will be available on November 21 in North America, November 28 in Europe, and December 6 in Japan.

Mario Kart 8 amiibo costumes

--James Pierce

MDb Interviews Chelsea Mills!
Chelsea Mills Cosplay

Happy Halloween, everyone! Do you have your costumes ready? Speaking of costumes, we've snagged an exclusive interview with amazing Samus cosplayer and game developer, Chelsea Mills. Chelsea goes into all the passionate details that went into creating this wonderfully accurate costume as well as some other personal details about her career and life. Could this be the next reigning champion of Samus cosplay? Read on and find out!

--Infinity's End

Ridley Revealed in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Ridley Wii U

Nintendo has just aired their "50 Must See Things" for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and they have finally ended all the speculation as to Ridley's fate in the game. Ridley will be appearing in the Pyroshere stage as previously suggested, however he will not only be a boss. Characters who deal enough damage to him will be able to recruit him as an ally who will help in the fight, players can also KO Ridley, which adds to their score. When Ridley takes enough damage, he'll become Meta Ridley, and deal more damage in battle. In addition to Ridley other Metroid enemies will appear including; FG II-Graham units, Joulions, and Zeros.

Also announced is that veteran fighter Mewtwo will return to the series after his long absence. He will be available as a free DLC fighter for those who purchase both versions.

(The Metroid stuff happens at the 7:43 mark.)

--James Pierce

Badass Arm Cannon Tat by Lord Dirk

Professional animator and MDb Forum Member Patrick "LordDirk" Stannard has recently shared with us the process of his eternal dedication to the Metroid series. He had shared his designs with us on our Tattoo thread. The design was made in vector to be eventually wrapped around his right forearm, reminiscent of Samus's cannon.

Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat
Arm Cannon Tat

The tattoo itself took around 15-18 hours to complete, in 3 sessions. A lot of blood, pain and ink later, he has a completely badass tat that any Metroid fan can appreciate. Congrats Patrick and thank you for sharing it with the greater Metroid fanbase! More pictures can be found here in our Tattoo thread.

Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat

--Infinity's End


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