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Ridley Revealed in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Ridley Wii U

Nintendo has just aired their "50 Must See Things" for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and they have finally ended all the speculation as to Ridley's fate in the game. Ridley will be appearing in the Pyroshere stage as previously suggested, however he will not only be a boss. Characters who deal enough damage to him will be able to recruit him as an ally who will help in the fight, players can also KO Ridley, which adds to their score. When Ridley takes enough damage, he'll become Meta Ridley, and deal more damage in battle. In addition to Ridley other Metroid enemies will appear including; FG II-Graham units, Joulions, and Zeros.

Also announced is that veteran fighter Mewtwo will return to the series after his long absence. He will be available as a free DLC fighter for those who purchase both versions.

--James Pierce

Badass Arm Cannon Tat by Lord Dirk

Professional animator and MDb Forum Member Patrick "LordDirk" Stannard has recently shared with us the process of his eternal dedication to the Metroid series. He had shared his designs with us on our Tattoo thread. The design was made in vector to be eventually wrapped around his right forearm, reminiscent of Samus's cannon.

Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat
Arm Cannon Tat

The tattoo itself took around 15-18 hours to complete, in 3 sessions. A lot of blood, pain and ink later, he has a completely badass tat that any Metroid fan can appreciate. Congrats Patrick and thank you for sharing it with the greater Metroid fanbase! More pictures can be found here in our Tattoo thread.

Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat Arm Cannon Tat

--Infinity's End

Poll #4 Results: MOM Poll
Poll 4

Here are the results from our MOM poll. As you can see above, out of over 1000 voters, 641 thought it was an above average game, and 399 did not. So it's about a 60-40 split on that one. I feel as though the people who do hate MOM with every fiber in their being are really just a minority, and while online polls should never be taken too seriously, it's telling enough to me to finally lay this debate to rest once and for all.

Unsurprisingly, this poll was also filled with comments. The archived poll can be visited here. Thanks to all who voted in our poll, we encourage you to vote in our newest one!

--Infinity's End

Happy 18th Birthday to the MDb!

Another year down. The Metroid Database has provided folks online with Metroid news for a full 18 years and it's a big achievement. While we don't have anything specific planned, I will announce today that we do plan on doing a new episode of Wave Beam in the near future with the focus on MP3C. We are also planning on releasing our scanlation of the final chapter of the MP2:EOA manga at a point in the very near future, so look forward to that!

We are also planning on doing a big interview with Chelsea Mills, the creator of that awesome Samus cosplay, and that will be released sometime this month.

Metroid news as of late has been extremely quiet save for a few mentions from Nintendo devs in some interviews, but I remain hopeful. We also got those amazing cameos in Bayonetta and Monster Hunter, so it just goes to show that Nintendo hasn't completely forgot about our favorite bounty hunter. In the meantime, I'll have to suffice with controlling her in the latest Smash Bros. release on 3DS and the upcoming one on WiiU. As long as Samus is in them, the MDb will continue to provide coverage for these games.

As usual, I'd like to thank all of the MDb staff members for their help - Devin, Jesse, Tim, Michael, and Brydon. Also big thanks to the forum members for being so awesome, and thanks to our 2700+ Facebook followers and 600+ Twitter followers - we love you! Cheers!

--Infinity's End

Samus in Monster Hunter 4!!
10.08.2014 - CapCom

Incoming Transmission...

Bounty hunter Samus Aran has been spotted in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/G on 3DS.

She is equipped with a ridiculously enormous arm cannon that fires equally enormous missiles, perfect for taking out giant dragons. If she takes significant damage, her Varia Suit disperses to reveal the Zero Suit.

Samus can wall jump and shoot in first person mode. She can also use other weapons, such as bows and swords, but obviously not the mythical "NARPAS SWORD"...

The materials required to craft the weapons and armor can be obtained by completing a special quest to defeat some kind of giant spider (shown in the video).

Interestingly, there will be some sort of promotional event run at 7-11 stores in Japan between December 28 and January 7. If you are in Japan, you can visit one of these stores to access the DLC and participate in a special quest (involving the giant spider) and obtain a Metroid-themed Guild Card and Title. This follows in the footsteps of the Animal Crossing promotional event as well as the Link and Sonic equipment.

Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate/G releases in Japan on October 14, with a US release scheduled for "sometime in 2015." No word yet on how the DLC will be implemented, but it's a pretty safe bet all of this will be included in the US version.

More information as it becomes available...

Rainfall.tv Metroid Short Film UPDATE!

This past Thursday, via the Rainfall.tv Facebook page (which you all should be liking IMMEDIATELY after reading this) released 3 astoundingly beautiful concept renders of the new Metroid-inspired short film that they will be focusing their efforts on. The cg seems to be quite professional, and it seems as though suited Samus is also being rendered in full 3D, not a person in a suit.

Samus Fan Film Samus Fan Film Samus Fan Film

Feel free to stay tuned to Rainfall.tv via their own social media channels, but we will try our best to keep you up to date on all the latest news from this incredibly high-profile fan project!

--Infinity's End

Samus & Joey Chapter 15 Released!
Samus & Joey Chapter 15

Today we are proud to present you with Chapter 15 of Samus & Joey! In this chapter, Samus goes directly after the Dominion, a shadowy group of arms dealers, who will stop at NOTHING to nullify Samus so they can take her power and re-manufacture it in order to conquer the entire galaxy!

Helping us finish this chapter are our two new scanlation team members, Zhelkus and StarChildOrko, who have done an excellent job of cleaning the pages and typesetting the text bubbles accordingly. I also contributed some light cleaning and SFX work here and there, with fantastic translations of course by CapCom. We hope you enjoy the latest chapter of Samus & Joey: A Hammerblow of Justice! Only found right here, on the MDb!

--Infinity's End

Other M uses Kalisto's Theme from Rain Children?
09.14.2014 - CapCom

Otarie has posted an intriguing video comparing the ending theme from Metroid: Other M with Kalisto's Theme from Rain Children by Didier Lockwood. The beginning and endings to the song are incredibly similar. While it isn't uncommon for two songs by the same composer with a large body of music to sound similar, and it's also not unheard of for composers to reuse their music, basing music very closely on other composers' scores can cause big problems. Both Kinuyo Yamashita and Yasunori Mitsuda have strongly defended themselves against claims of copying music before (Yamashita for the Neon Tiger theme in Mega Man X3 and Mitsuda for Robo's Theme, which sounds an awful lot like Rick Astley)...although it's not like a composer would ever admit to that. That's not even counting known copying, like the EarthBound soundtrack or Mamoru Samuragochi blatantly lying about composing Resident Evil and other Capcom classics. Other cases are borderline: was Michael Jackson really hired to compose music for Sonic 3, or was he ripped off? The world will likely never know. Blatant copying was pretty common in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, but is pretty rare today in games due to the proliferation of lawyers in the game biz, which makes this similarity very surprising, stretching thin the argument of "it's just an honest mistake."

Incidentally, the reason there's no voiceovers in the ending theme - and some static - is because they used the copy of the theme from the soundtrack here on the MDb, where we used a noise filter to remove them.

UPDATE: News post corrected for errors.

Until next time...
Captain Commando

Artwork for an Unreleased Metroid game from Next Level Games

Some crafty internet sleuths from Kyoto Report have uncovered some artwork from an old prototype of a Metroid game under early development at Next Level Games. Sometime after development of Punch-Out!! was completed, Next Level Games began a prototype for their unreleased Metroid project. The company had something they were ready to show off to Nintendo, but Nintendo ordered them instead to work on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

NLG Samus
NLG Monster 1NLG Monster 2

The Metroid connection doesn't end there however. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was supervised by Ryuichi Nakada, a Nintendo veteran who did level design for both GBA Metroid games. In addition Next Level Games have announced earlier this year that they will be making games exclusively with Nintendo, so perhaps this concept will one day be revisited.


--James Pierce

Samus & Joey Chapter 14 Now Up!
08.30.2014 - CapCom
Samus & Joey Chapter 14

Today we are proud to present you with Chapter 14 of Samus & Joey, the long-running manga we started translating a few years back. In this chapter, Samus fights a powerful new cyborg designed by the Dominion, a shadowy group of arms dealers.

Typesetting of Volume 3 is well under way, and this is the another example of the work done by our manga team. Cait Kenney cleaned the images. Ryan did the SFX, and did an amazing job on them, I might add! They sure are a lot of fun to look at! As usual, you can either continue where you left off or start from the beginning if you're new to the series - and you've got all Labor Day weekend to catch up!

Until next time...
Captain Commando


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