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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Proboscum
Artist: Smolb
Ruins III

Malfunctioning robot resembling an insect found clinging to the walls outside the large structure in Ruins Area 3. The Proboscum has a large eye and powerful legs as well as a long mechanical "proboscus." The Proboscum was probably designed as a work robot for manufacturing and repair, but the exact nature of its work is difficult to ascertain. It is suspected the Proboscum served as part of a larger factory for the construction of robots and other materials, the remains of which have since collapsed. Although the Proboscum can be used as a platform for ascending and descending the walls of the ruins, its electronics have failed over the years, causing it to behave erratically, randomly lowering its proboscus, even when it could easily hold the weight of a person in powered armor.

Indestructible but annoying. These stationary robots cling to walls and serve as unstable platforms because they will randomly stop functioning and drop Samus into the pit. They’re only a real obstacle if Samus has not yet collected the Space Jump, as the make platforming very difficult. They will also screw up the Spider Ball, so you have to wait for them to drop before climbing up.

The Proboscum's Japanese name is "Probo" (プロボ), apparently a play on the word, "robot". In Japanese, プロ (puro) is found in several words, including "pro sports", "probe" and "production." The latter of these may be where the name derives - a shortening of "production robot." The English name is obviously derived from an insect's proboscus.