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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Flaahgra
Artist: Rundash
Tallon IV
Chozo Ruins

Flaahgra is a massive plant-based life-form with a snake-like body and powerful arms. It gains its strength from sunlight. The tentacles it uses to attach itself to the ground are also used to absorb water. The creature's mutated hydration system pollutes the water source with noxious excretions, creating the perfect environment for Flaahgra's growth and nourishment. Its central nervous system is located near its base, where sprawling tentacles are tightly affixed to the ground. Flaahgra is extremely territorial, and will viciously attack any intruders.

Flaahgra's growth cycle has been radically accelerated due to Phazon. As a result, it requires near-constant exposure to solar energy to remain active. This exposure has made Flaahgra's outer shell thick and durable. Its lower root system is unprotected and vulnerable, however. Exploit this flaw when possible. Concentrated weapon fire can daze it for short periods.

Battling Flaahgra can be frustrating if you aren't good at side-dashing. Flaahgra is invincible until you shut off its source of solar energy. However, when you shut off the solar panels, Flaahgra will flip them back on, so you must stun it in advance using the Charge Beams and Missiles. Once Flaahgra is stunned, move back behind the solar panels and shoot a Charge Beam at their lockable points to make Flaahgra sink back into its flower. Flaahgra's tentacles will then retreat into the tunnel which branches out from the base. Use the Morph Ball roll down to the end and lay a Bomb. The first one is easy, but you will then have to flip two, three, and four panels in order to make it retreat. Be careful to dodge the sharp vines Flaahgra will shoot up from the ground by locking on and side-dashing.

Like all bosses, Flaahgra is a rare scan. Don't forget to also scan Flaahgra's Tentacle!

When you go back into Flaahgra's chamber later in the game, you will be able to find the Artifact of Wild. However, you will have to defeat some Chozo Ghosts first!

In the North American release of Metroid Prime, Flaahgra's theme was initially shorter. When Prime was being localized for Japan, Kenji Yamamoto created a longer version of the song that has since been used in all subsequent releases of the game.

Flaahgra was concepted by Andrew Jones and modeled by Mike Sneath. According to Sneath, Flaahgra underwent five variations in design before the final version was selected.