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Metroid Database Bestiary

Hunter Metroid

  • Hunter Metroid
Artist: Rob Powell
Tallon IV
Impact Crater, Phazon Mines, Phendrana Drifts

The Hunter Metroids are adolescent Metroids that have energy-siphon tentacles, making them increasingly dangerous. As Metroids develop, they become more efficient predators. Claw-like spikes and the energy-draining tentacle protrude from the lower half of the creature, which it uses to latch onto its prey from a distance. Quick to anger, a Hunter Metroid will charge troublesome prey and attempt to ram them into submission. Cold-based attacks are quite effective against these creatures.

Standard Metroid fighting rules apply: freeze them with the Ice Beam, then destroy them with a Missile. Avoid their energy-draining tentacles by side-dashing. It is highly recommended to take them out from a distance.

Once a Metroid has matured, it will grow to become a Hunter Metroid. The Space Pirates reported Hunter Metroids would exhibit "psychotic episodes" if personnel entered within three meters of their holding tanks.