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Metroid Database Bestiary

Zebesian-X (aquatic)

  • Zebesian-X (aquatic)
Artist: Delta Hexagon
Sector 4 (AQA)

Space Pirates are known to use jet packs and specialized equipment for underwater operations, but the X parasites chose to biologically mutate these Zebesians with fins to further adapt them for underwater combat. Their highly durable plating is also based on the armor found in neighboring Skultera-X, and the resulting Zebesian mutation is swift and lethal.

These Zebesian-X will try to overwhelm Samus by firing lazers ahead and simultaneously charging at her. They are highly dangerous and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Until Screw Attack is acquired, the easiest way to kill these swimming Zebesians is by quickly shooting them with two Ice Missiles.

Other exotic Zebesian mutations onboard the B.S.L come in the form of the Gold Zebesians, which typically spawn from the X parasites of deceased Genesis.