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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Evir-X
Sector 4 (AQA)

An arthropod-like creature that thrives in the submerged section of Sector 4. The Evir-X is capable of expelling yellowish globules from its tail apparatus by rapidly contracting its abdomen. They have an incredibly thick exoskeleton, making them more vulnerable on the front of their body. Their coloring is orange and yellow, which is different from their Maridia incarnation, likely due to the X-Parasite's pseudo-mimickry.

Evir-X can be destroyed by shooting them with a fully charged Plasma Beam in their belly. Their hard carapace, however, allows them to resist oncoming fire more effectively.

Evir gets its name from the Japanese word for shrimp, which is "ebi." Evir's body shape more resemble water fleas known as Daphnia.