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Metroid Database Bestiary

Sheegoth (adult)

  • Sheegoth (adult)
Artist: Rob Powell
Tallon IV
Phendrana Drifts

Sheegoths are invulnerable to most Beam weapons. The crystals on their back absorb energy, which they can fire at prey. Sheegoths have poor stamina. They hyperventilate after using their breath attack, making their mouth area vulnerable. The soft underbelly of a Sheegoth is susceptible to concussive blasts. In battle, they expel blasts of frigid gas.

The Sheegoth is a miniboss you must defeat in order to acquire the Wave Beam. It does not have the same weakness as the Baby Sheegoth, and you must attack it head-on. You must try your best to avoid its frigid breath, which will freeze you in your tracks, and must mash the buttons to break free. After its breath attack, it will need to catch its breath and will stand still for a moment, breathing heavily. At this time, you should be blasting missiles into its mouth successively.

Normal Sheegoths can be destroyed by a single Power Bomb after you acquire them. Otherwise it's best not to engage in combat. Since they are reasonably slow to attack, you shouldn't have much trouble.

After defeating the miniboss, normal Sheegoths will appear more frequently throughout Phendrana Drifts, so be on the lookout!