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Metroid Database Bestiary

Aqua Pirate

  • Aqua Pirate
Tallon IV
Crashed Frigate

Space Pirates with exoskeletons modified for underwater use. Using modified thruster-packs and Gravity Suit technology, the Space Pirates have armorsuits for use in liquid environments. Thermal tracking is still very useful against these units, as the Pirate engineers have yet to eliminate the thruster-pack's high heat signature.

Visibility is poor in the murky darkness of the Crashed Frigate, so tracking these sinister submariners is easier with the Thermal Visor (although not necessary), especially in the large chamber near the beginning of the level. Use standard dodging techniques (circle them using side dashes), making use of cover to allow time for your beams and missiles to charge. Aqua Pirates will attack with multi-missiles, so use cover or rapid dashing to avoid the torpedoes. Like the Flying Pirates, they will perform a kamikaze attack once they are lethally damaged or their jetpacks malfunction, but you can prevent this by hitting them with the Wave Beam.

Aqua Pirates only appear on the Crashed Frigate, which wouldn't have given them much time to modify the exoskeletons of some hapless Pirates. This probably means they were either on-hand for use in the giant lake or they're simply body suits any normal Space Pirate can wear - otherwise, they would have very quick and sophisticated genetic modification technology! Aqua Pirates also travel in groups, so even Space Pirates follow the buddy system!