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Metroid Database Bestiary

Plated Parasite

  • Plated Parasite
Artist: Delta Hexagon
Tallon IV
Chozo Ruins, Magmoor Caverns

Distant cousins to the Parasite, these hardy members of the Parasite family are known for their amazing resilience and determination. Encased in protective armor, its body is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. Plated Parasites are vulnerable only to concussive attacks, which leaves them with very few natural predators. Field studies suggest a weakness to Morph Ball-delivered weapon systems. Two powerful hooks protrude from the creature's worm-like body, allowing them to latch onto almost any surface.

These annoying pests travel on Spider Ball rails throughout Magmoor. Since they are weak to Bombs, you'll have to take them out on their own terms. Move carefully and watch their movement patterns before laying a set of Bombs in their tracks - it will take more than one to defeat them, so lay at least two. You can also dispatch a group using Power Bombs, which can be quite useful when traversing the vast Spider Ball tracks in the Geothermal Core.

There is a research specimen of the Plated Parasite on the Frigate Orpheon, although you can't scan it for a log entry.