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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Zoro-X
Artist: Rundash
Sector 2 (TRO)

Zoros are incredibly large larvae of the alien species known as Kihunters. Kihunters are space-faring creatures; they are considered a part of the Zebesian Space Pirate forces. Kihunters thrive in humid, tropical areas, where they can lay their eggs, making Sector 2 the perfect habitat. The Zoro-X differs from their Zebes incarnation with large spines protruding from its back, and the outer color of its shell changed from green to red or blue. The X copy rapidly boosted its metamorphosis process - something which usually takes weeks was done in a matter of hours - quickly infesting entire portions of the station.

When you encounter the Zoro-X in Sector 2, do not use normal beam shots on it. Charge your beam beforehand, kneel, and release. The Blue Zoro-X will move quickly when you attack it, and is more resilient than the Red ones, but they will always relinquish a Red-X for your extra effort.

Metroid Fusion was the first game in the series that directly depicted Zoros were the larval form of Kihunters, due to their metamorphosis during the game.