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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Puffer
Artist: Delta Hexagon
Tallon IV
Magmoor Caverns, Phazon Mines

Unstable gas-filled organism. Will rupture on contact.
Puffers fill their bodies with lethal meta-viprium gas and float about in search of food. If ruptured, the gas within the Puffer is violently released. Despite their fragile bodies, Puffers are aggressive hunters. The gas clouds they release upon death is often fatal to the creature that brings them down as well.

Most times, Puffers can be ignored. Shoot one and you risk being harmed by its gaseous insides after it explodes. Kill them if you must, but maybe wait for the air to clear first.

Puffers highly resemble a creature on Zebes called Bull. Some theorize they are distant relatives of one another. Others think they're the same creature, just renamed for a different game.