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Metroid Database Bestiary

Neo Ridley

  • Neo Ridley
Artist: Crovirus
Sector 1 (SRX)

The B.S.L scientists kept a specimen of Ridley locked in a sub-zero containment field. When Samus entered the chamber, the X virus also entered and copied Ridley’s DNA. The X enhanced Ridley’s skeletal and muscular structure, doubling his size and attack power to create Neo Ridley. Ridley’s limbs, skull, and overall body size increased tremendously, while his tail extended in length and entire body was covered in stronger armor plating. These enhancements make Neo Ridley far stronger, though he lacks the cunning and intelligence of the original. His blood-curdling screech can turn the X-infected life-forms on the station into a frenzy!

Your first instinct when fighting Neo Ridley will be to rapidly fire missiles or Diffusion Missiles at him - the same strategy that worked in Super Metroid. However, the Charge Beam will actually deal more damage because it fires three beams at once! Pound him with plasma as rapidly as you can! Just make sure you don’t hit his tail, which is invincible and will block your shots.

You can either stand in the corner and pummel him or move about the screen rapidly to avoid his attacks. Ridley will breathe three homing fireballs, which cannot be destroyed and must be lured into the wall or floor. He will also attack with his tail, which is outright deadly. If you get behind him while he is using his tail, you must roll beneath it in the split second before he strikes; perfect timing is required to avoid.

If you stay in the corner, Neo Ridley will swoop down to grab you after you shoot him seven times. Roll into the Morph Ball and get under him to the opposite wall. You can also lay Power Bombs to deal a little damage and slow him down. If Neo Ridley grabs you, shoot him with the Charge Beam or Diffusion Missiles as fast as possible until he lets go.

After Neo Ridley is destroyed, a Type B Core X will appear. Defeat this Core X to collect the Screw Attack.

In the epilogue of Metroid: Other M, you will notice Ridley’s mummified remains have been removed from the Bottle Ship! Rogue Federation scientists removed them and placed them on the B.S.L Station for further research. The scientists were wise to put Ridley in an absolute-zero containment field, but were foolish to keep his remains in the first place!

Neo Ridley can also be exploited through a glitch. At the beginning of the fight, immediately let Neo Ridley grab you. Keep pressing left to try and steer him towards the wall. If done correctly, he will drop you into the wall, making you invulnerable to attack! However, beware: this glitch can glitch up your game!