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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Yodare
Artist: Rundash
Main Caverns

(Pronounced "Yo-dah-ray") Small parasitic life-form that drops from cavern ceilings. These pests time their drops when prey is beneath and latch on to their victims using their powerful jaws and leech out fluids. If a Yodare misses, it will use its powerful claw-fins burrow into the rocks to hide before climbing back up the cave wall for another attempt.

Yodare drop from the ceiling in single-second intervals. Although weak, their narrow profile makes them hard to hit, but they are easy to avoid. Although Yodare will drop from the ceiling and respawn after it hits the floor, once one is killed, another one will not follow. Drops small Energy Balls.

Unfortunately, this creature was never given a name in the North American release. The bestiary name is the Japanese word for “drool”, fitting with the pantheon of weird Metroid II enemy names. Interesting enough, the Japanese strategy guides refer to these as “rock icicles” (岩つらら), aka stalactites, even though they resemble creatures.