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Metroid Database Bestiary

Warrior Ing

  • Warrior Ing
Artist: Rob Powell
Dark Aether
Dark Agon Wastes, Ing Hive, Dark Temple Grounds, Dark Torvus Bog

Warrior Ing are challenging foes. They can render themselves into amorphous puddles and move over most terrain, including walls. Warrior Ing's can turn their bodies into dangerous projectiles sheathed in dark energy. The tips of their legs are razor sharp, making them formidable in melee. Finally, Warrior Ing are capable of channeling transdimensional energy and firing it at thier enemies. Their only real weakness is bright, pure light, which they hate and fear.

These creatures are the "grunts" of the Ing world. They are fierce, terrifying, and difficult to hit. The Ing can transform into nothing more than a puddle of black goo and slither quickly along the ground, seemingly invisible. Once they re-materialize, use that time to lock on and attack. Standard strafe-dodging and avoiding attacks tactics apply. Shoot them from afar and avoid close contact as needed.

Once you acquire the Light Beam, shooting it directly at their puddle form will make short work of them.