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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Baristute
Norfair, Kraid

Similar to the Desgeega, the Baristute is the largest and most dangerous subspecies of the Sidehopper family. In addition to their powerful legs and jumping abilities, Baristutes have extremely tough armor, and will utilize their massive weight to crush or trample their prey. Unlike the other Sidehoppers, Baristutes use the large claws on their feet to scurry laterally across the ground. Use extreme caution when fighting against them.

Baristutes are predominantly located in Norfair, but can be first encountered in Kraid, where they serve as one-time minibosses. Until Samus acquires more advanced weaponry, the fastest way to kill a Baristute is with 10 Missiles. If missile reserves are low or need to be conserved, rapidly fire at the Baristute with beam weapons, but be prepared to quickly evade their attacks as they will become increasingly enraged and belligerent. When necessary, quickly leap over them when they charge at you, or dash underneath them when they spring up into the air.

Though they weren't in the original games, the Baristute variant made its first appearance in Metroid: Zero Mission and was brought back in Metroid: Other M. The Japanese name is "Barisuto" (バリスト).