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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Adam
Main Deck, Sector 1 (SRX), Sector 2 (TRO), Sector 3 (PYR), Sector 4 (AQA), Sector 5 (ARC), Sector 6 (NOC), Habitation Deck

This ubiquitous Federation AI was assigned to track and oversee all of Samus's activity aboard the B.S.L, and is one of the most duplicitous bosses that Samus has ever had to deal with. Although the AI frequently offers helpful updates and observations of enemy activity, it also reports directly to Federation HQ and will withhold crucial information whenever it suits the Federation or its own purposes.

In this way, the AI tries to balance aiding and protecting Samus so that she can further investigate the space station, without giving her so much support and freedom that she discovers the Federation’s true intentions. To do this, the AI keeps strict control over what areas Samus should explore next, routinely locking doors on her, angrily chiding her for finding unauthorized equipment, distracting her by placing strange animals onboard her starship, and generally feigning ignorance until the end.

The AI apparently reminded Samus of one of her previous COs, which is why she initially named it out of "respect" and "irony." In comm transmissions, the computer is represented onscreen by its purple-colored eye (integrated camera).

While there are instances when Samus can avoid repeat skirmishes with the Federation AI, most Navigation Room encounters are forced and extremely pervasive. The best way to thwart the AI's data overload is to repeatedly press and hold the A or B buttons.

"One of them will understand. One of them must." -- Adam 'Father Brain' Malkovich