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Metroid Database Bestiary

Aqua Drone

  • Aqua Drone
Tallon IV
Crashed Frigate

The Aqua Drone is a security mechanoid that's adapted for use in underwater areas. The Space Pirates have adapted a number of Sentry Drones for use in the liquid environments. These Aqua Drones utilize an arsenal and artificial intelligence suit similar to their cousins. The Pirates have been unable to properly shield these drones from electrical attack, making them vulnerable to the Wave Beam.

Use the same strategy as the Sentry Drone. Keep your Wave Beam activated, lock on, and blast away. Don't forget to scan them first if you're going for 100%, as they are a one-time scan.

The Aqua Drone is one of those pesky, often missed creatures. You only encounter them one time in the Crashed Frigate.