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Metroid Database Bestiary


  • Amorbis
Artist: Rundash
Dark Aether
Dark Agon Wastes

The enormous Amorbis can move through solid rock and earth with ease, and can sense the location of surface-level prey deep within the ground. They will attempt to ram any target they can find in their domain. They are vulnerable to all forms of weapons fire, but are incredibly strong and resistant to pain.

Once you get the 3 Temple Keys, you will begin the fight with Amorbis. The first worm will immediately begin by jumping in and out of the ground around the arena - use this time to scan it. Stay inside of a light barrier while shooting missiles at the worm from afar. After it is hit enough, it will jump out and attach to the large sphere in the middle of the arena - it will become its "dark" form which will be another scan. Shoot some missiles at its head to destroy its crown. When it begins to start sucking up air, Morph Ball and roll in front of its mouth. Once Amorbis sucks you up, lay a Bomb. It will swallow the Bomb and become damaged, spitting you out in the process. It will then break the sphere in the middle by slamming it down, which also releases precious pickups for you to replenish your health and weaponry.

After one is damaged via Bomb lunch, two will emerge from the ground, which you then need to repeat the same strategy as before. When both are attached to the large sphere, they will curl up and create a huge damaging laser that spins around the entire room. Try to avoid this death beam at all costs.

After the two are damaged, Amorbis becomes three individual worms. The same strategies apply. Don't forget to use stay within the confines of the light barrier - shoot the crystals on the rods if necessary, and use the light beam if they are covered with black goo. It's not an easy fight but just take your time and avoid touching Amorbis head-on! Once you beat it, you will be rewarded with the Dark Suit!

Amorbis has two scans: one when it is jumping in and out of the earth, and another when it becomes its "dark" form. As usual, it is a one-time scan due to it being a boss.