Last month, Scarlett Moon Records released a new album by artists GENTLE LOVE, a duo of Japanese game musicians Norihiko Hibino (composer of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta) on saxophone and AYAKI (performer on Etrian Odyssey and PersonaQ) on piano. GENTLE LOVE has created a calm, soothing remix album of famous video game tracks that can help anyone relax before bedtime. Their choice to remix the Mother Brain battle from Super Metroid is interesting, to say the least. But it’s risk-taking tracks like this that I’d personally like to see more of. Congrats to GENTLE LOVE and their producer Scarlet Moon for this phenomenal album! We’d also like to apologize for not sharing this sooner, we have been quite busy revamping and adding content to our current site. In the meantime enjoy the track below, or listen to the whole album, Prescription for Sleep: Fight for your Dreams, here.

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