Stylized Metroid Series Contest!

Metroid Database Presents:

Stylized Metroid Series Contest!

Fall-Winter 2012

1st Place

Name: Hayden Droog

Hayden Droog's "Piecing it Together" gets the number one spot for obvious reasons. A combination of pointillism and cubism, Droog imagines the world of Metroid in an abstract landscape reminiscent of 1920s abstract art. The exploded suit is tame in comparison with traditional cubism, but gives us an x-ray image of Samus in her Zero Suit, complete with abstracted sigil. The layering of the Metroids is absolutely gorgeous as well - you can even make out the veins in bright green. -MDb

This is a really fun rendition of Samus. The modern approach seems very appropriate for the harsh, rigid reality of the Metroid universe. Also, I'm always a sucker for any depiction of Samus's suit dismantled. -Jed Henry, Ukiyo-e Heroes

2nd Place

Name: Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson gave us "The E-Tank", designed after 1950s commercialism (think Norman Rockwell and Mad Men). This advertising style uses sparse backgrounds with idealized human form, emphasizing product and the exuberant users. Was everything really that great in the '50s? The retro Energy Tank fits this era perfectly. -MDb

I love how this advertisment puts a new spin on Metroid. It hints at an entire economy of products, services, and culture that we don't get to see in the games. I mean, where does Samus fill up her ship's energy tank? And who launders her suit, after a particularly long (and sweaty) mission? I can imagine going to the local department store, and picking up an E-tank for that impending all-nighter. -Jed Henry, Ukiyo-e Heroes

3rd Place

Name: Tim Hardeman

Tim Hardeman sent us another nice piece this time around, "Brain", done in the style of H.R. Giger. Giger's work is actually a lot more extreme than this (surreal combinations of skeletons, machines, and sexuality), but the slathering biomechanical cranium of Momma Brain and the gaping egg-like Metroid are nicely gooey. The background definitely has a taste of 1920s futurism. -MDb

And Metroid comes full circle! The creators of Metroid openly admit that they were influenced by ALIEN. It's so much fun to see H.R. Giger's aesthetic applied directly to Mother Brain and the Metroid. Also, this is my favorite scene from any video game. Do you guys remember the triumphant feel of having that rainbow cannon, and totally wasting Mo-Brain? Ah, memories! -Jed Henry, Ukiyo-e Heroes

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Hellenic Temple by Britt Oertel
  2. Sheegoth Fight by Roman Mroczek

Congratulations to the winners and a BIG THANKS to all who entered!
Pat yourselves on the back guys, you're all winners in my book.

Alex Fleischer

Anibal Valentin

Britt Oertel

[Extra Artwork]

Dane Artman

Duncan E

[Extra Image #1]
[Extra Image #2]

Jason Balazovich

Joe Copp

Kaylynn Borror

Kevin Rayner

Roman Mroczek

This year saw the funding of Ukiyo-e Heroes and 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus on Kickstarter. Ukiyo-e Heroes reimagines the worlds of famous videogames in the style of Japanese woodblock prints. 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus imagines Samus's days off in playful watercolor.

Fitting the themes of these artists, the challenge for this contest is to reimagine the universe of Metroid using a unique art style of your choosing.

This art style cannot be manga, anime, realistic illustration, or photorealism. The Metroid universe has already been rendered hundreds of times in these styles, so we're interested in seeing something new. We are not interested in art that looks like the styles used in any of the screenshots, concept art, comics or manga we have on the site.

We want to see the world of Metroid through fresh and unique art styles. Feel free to take inspiration from existing styles and genres – or make up your own! For instance, how would Metroid look from the perspective of Egyptian art or surrealism? How about a stone carving by an alien artisan? Metroid: The Ice Ballet? There is no limit but your imagination!

Your final submitted work should include a 2D image representing your art piece. Your piece can be 2D, 3D, video, or any kind of physical art, but we'll need a 2D image that best represents the style of your piece. The submission must be original, made after the contest announce date.


First Place:

  • Ukiyo-e giclee print from the Metroid series (either Infestation or The Mother, your choice) Signed artbook of 31 Days of Zero Suit Samus
  • 31 Days of ZSS t-shirt
  • 31 Days of ZSS print
  • $25 Gift card from Fangamer

Second Place:

  • The remaining Ukiyo-e giclee print
  • 31 Days of ZSS t-shirt
  • $25 Gift card from Fangamer

Third Place:

  • $25 Gift card from Fangamer

Official Rules:

  1. Create a piece of artwork depicting the Metroid series in a new and interesting way, specifically different from depictions offered in official media of the series.
  2. Take a photograph if physical or submit a high-quality digital version into the email address below by 01/18/2013.
  3. File should be in a standard PC image format: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .gif, .etc (Do NOT send .pdf, .doc, or others) Please do not send files over 10MB.
  4. No manipulation of pre-existing artwork. You can use it for reference/inspiration, but not directly used in your entry.
  5. Please, no food-based entries.

The contest will be scored based on the following categories:

  • Originality – How distant is your style from what we've seen already in dozens of fan art before this?
  • Authenticity – If using a historical style, how well does your piece embrace the spirit of that art style?
  • Craftsmanship – How well was the work produced?
  • Funfactor – How funny, cool, or creepy is your style?
  • Metroidness – How much does it feel like the spirit of Metroid?

Please direct any questions or concerns to our Contest Help Thread

Email your entries to:


Entries will be judged by the MDb Staff.
Announcement date for winners is Monday, January 21st, 2013.

US residents are only eligible for prizes.* (International shipping costs are too high!)

We will be posting ALL the entries on this page when the contest is over, regardless of quality.
Good luck and HAVE FUN! =)

*To Our International Readers: Even though only U.S. residents are eligible for awards, we will still publish your entries on the site if you enter. *Para nuestros lectores internacionales: Aunque sólo residentes de los EE.UU. son elegibles para los premios, todavía va a publicar sus entradas en el sitio, si usted decide entrar. *Pour nos lecteurs internationaux: Même si seuls les résidents américains sont admissibles aux prix, nous allons toujours publier vos entrées sur le site si vous entrez. *Um unsere internationalen Leser: Obwohl nur US Residents kommen für Auszeichnungen sind, werden wir Ihre Eingaben auf der Website veröffentlichen, wenn Sie eingeben.
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For Questions, Comments, and Concerns, please refer to the General Contest Thread on our forum.

Don't forget: the MDb Art Galleries are at your disposal! Use them for inspiration and reference on creating your designs: