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Design a Boss Contest!

Fall 2016

Congrats to all of our entrants and thank you all for being such great sports in this contest.
You're ALL winners in my book!


These three winners proved themselves as the best Metroid boss designers. Your entry excelled above all others in these 4 categories:

  • Originality – How creative is your boss?
  • Depth – How far have you taken your idea prior to submission?
  • Craftsmanship – How well was the work produced?
  • Metroidness – How well does it fit into the Metroid universe?

1st Place

Vermortum & Whirlcryps by Jacob Heeg

Why it won:
Jacob's entry was by far and away the most in-depth entry we received. Among these were a beautifully realized perspective of the battle, a bird's eye map of the second area that Morph Ball Samus can fall into, a spot-on logbook entry of the Boss's secondary enemy projectiles (Whirlcryps), and a brilliant description of the whole battle to wrap it all up in a nice package. Congratulations, Jacob, you will receive the 1st prize package!


vermortum vermortum vermortum vermortum vermortum vermortum

This boss is from a ruined and plant ridden planet, it is not an evil being, but its species is extremely violent and territorial. As the player travels outside of a massive swamp-like area they will come across a massive dome that has been shattered over time. Inside is a smaller dome with a crack all the way down it. Just being able to see it from a distance they will have to enter a room which leads to a massive cave which has been obviously bored into the earth. The player will travel down a long and winding pathway which will lead to an oval shaped opening with three electric generators with blue lights. Something is making a loud whirring sound that sounds like a machine trying to run but is caught. As the player begins to inspect the area they will notice a very flat sand floor. When they walk so far out onto the sand they will notice a single stalk like creature sitting still. It will deflect all bullets when attacked, but when the player uses a Wave Beam it will clearly get agitated and move around attempting to strike the player. After the player has hit the stalk eight times the end of the stalk bursts open revealing a massive eye. A loud roar is heard and the ground underneath the player will burst open. A cutscene will start and will show a stunned Samus riding a massive worm-like creature, the worm will burst out of the smaller cracked dome and send Samus flying, she does a flip as she lands, beginning the boss fight. The bosses name is Vermortum, after scanning the player will get this information:

Morphology: Vermortum
Sentient Arthropod and Apex Predator. This energy-siphoning creature ventures across continents in search of a suitable power source to sustain its bulk and mitigate the need to hunt. Conductors in the upper region of the body reveal that it is capable of channeling stored energy to and releasing it from its mandibles. Subject is also capable of regurgitating digestive enzymes when hunting small and large prey. Carapaces in the lower half of the body are less dense and may be susceptible to concussive blasts. While it will firmly plant itself in defense of its territory, environmental scans reveal that its current perch is not entirely stable.

The player will have to only use the Wave Beam, as it is the only weapon which will hurt the creature, but unlike the eye-stalk the player will have to shoot the abdomen over thirty times, while they do this the boss will barrage the player with multiple forms of scratches from its arms, some single strikes, and some where the boss leans over the player and assaults them with multiple flurries. Its second attack will be a massive bite, giving a lot damage to the player. After the boss is hit enough times it will begin to form an electrical ball of energy, the player must fire into it 15 times or the boss will release it damaging the player for a huge amount of damage, usually fatal. If the player succeeds the ball will explode and the boss will fall over to recover, holes around the base of the dome will open up for the player in to enter in Morph Ball starting a timed event. The player must bomb one tank and use the Spider Ball to climb up the worms magnetic body, avoiding ant-like creatures who have begun nesting on its ancient body, these are un-scannable enemies, so the player will have no reason to try to leave Morph Ball, if they fail to escape in the time limit the worm will thrash and instantly kill the player by crushing them on the cave walls. The boss fight continues on, but now when the boss attacks it will stop to electrify nearby plants causing electrified Whirlicryps to fly out. Much like they do before in the game when they get close the player they will explode and damage her, but now they will also shock her. This is the source for health and ammo for this boss fight. After the player destroys the other two energy tanks, another cutscene starts showing the worm becoming overpowered with electricity, cooking from the inside, it will attempt to crawl its way out of the hole but will die, slumping over the glass with its head landing next to Samus, the Morph Ball holes opening back up and a new item appearing sound playing. The player will enter and discover a massive fan where the worm had planted itself, now running. The gravity suit will be sitting on the center of the fan, where the player can jump over and get the Gravity Suit upgrade.

2nd Place

Tlalcon by Kritken

Why it won:
Kritken is an extremely big Metroid fan and it shows. His beautiful realization of the boss battle, along with a 3D turntable model was enough to bring him the 2nd place prize. Not only did Kritken also do a fantastic job of describing the boss; he made a creature that was worthy of living right inside his own conceptional Metroid Prime 4 game, which is how we came to the conclusion that he was the second place winner. We think battling against Tlalcon would be totally fun and awesome! Congrats, Kritken!



Name: Tlalcon
Origin: Space pirate technology

After the prime 3 events, space pirates continued experimenting with metroids, they managed to boost their resistance against ice, but not completely impervious to the element, but they grew frustrated on how all attempts to domesticate metroids have failed, so instead they decided to use them as energy sources for machines and deadly weapons, cybernetic soldiers, each carrying metroid tanks inside them. But not only that, after the Aether events, remaining space pirates managed to capture many native species from that planet before leaving for further studies, but some of them were "darkling" creatures, some of the last Ing survivors after "Dark Aether's" destruction, surviving inside other creatures as parasites.
The space pirates managed to extract the ings without killing them, discover the potential they have to enhance the living beings and machines they infect, and after more experiments they manage to find that the host keeps its mind intact after the ing infects, now the mass production of ing enhanced and metroid energized creatures and machines has begun, Samus receives notification from the Federation and heads to face the new space pirate's plan once again.

Description of the boss:
Tlalcon, is a prototype machine that works using the power of metroids and infected with ing parasites. It has a shape and moves like a crab, has multiple red eyes, tons of weapons mounted on its right arm, also has a claws are made from durable crystals that are internally super-heated by lasers that allow it to slice clean through most alloys. Can climb walls with ease and shoot lasers from its eyes.

Boss battle description:
Samus manages to infiltrate one of the space pirate's bases, the place is quite red and she reaches a long corridor, there is a lot of mist, she finds a machine, it suddenly activates, and starts attacking immediately. Tlalcon's armor reflects all shots. It's weak points are the metroid tanks. If Samus destroys the metroids, the machine will lose the reflector armor it will be vulnerable to direct hits; it won't be easy.
In the corridor there is a lot of mist so Samus must use the thermal visor to track it. Attacking and destroying the metroid tanks only with missiles.Once a tank is destroyed, the metroid is released, and these are quite agile, making them hard to target. Tlalcon will violently attack Samus as she focuses her attacks on the newly freed metroid. If Samus fails to dispatch of the freed metroid quick enough, then Tlalcon will recapture it in a freshly constructed tank, these metroids need a couple of ice shoots to be frozen, or a fully charged shot will freeze then immediately.
As it looses metroids it starts overheating, overloading the thermal visor the enemy becomes brighter, and a bit more visible using the combat visor.
Tlalcon can shoot missiles and many beams from its right hand, but can be temporally stunned with the ice beam. Its left arm has a claw and it will use as a weapon and deflect Samus's attacks. It can be stunned temporally with the wave beam.

When Samus manages to destroy the metroids it loses its shielding and many attacks, but becomes more agile. Retreating to the mist and doesn't emit heat signature anymore so Samus must be careful of her surroundings. Tlalcon will attack from any angle, in this state it's vulnerable to the Light beam.

Once Samus finally defeats it, it will leave as a reward an advanced blade, enhancement; something that can be used for close combat and destroy certain objects.

3rd Place

Cryptoflux by Haymurus Fhang

Why it won:
The Cryptoflux is a very threatening, but interesting creature that also perfect fits right inside the Metroid universe. Haymurus was able to describe the entire battle, but also went above and beyond to show a flowchart on how the boss battle plays out in a real conceptual Metroid game. It was through this great creativity and willing to think outside the box that awarded Haymurus with our 3rd prize! Congrats, Haymurus!

cryptoflux cryptoflux


Runners-up are those who missed the top three by a very small margin. Although these entries are all beautiful, well-crafted, and fantastic in their own right, the other three scored higher among the four categories.
We are pleased to offer these 3 runners-up 1 Dark Samus button and 2 other MDb buttons of their choice!


Epsilon Elite by John Zabrucky


epsilon elite epsilon elite

Name : Epsilon (Elite)
Affiliation: Space pirates

Game scenario: Samus is sent to investigate a largely mechanical body in space that has been sparking suspicion from the galactic federation, she soon finds out that it is a planet sized biological research station developed by the space pirates. Samus’s ship is shot down, and it crashes into its hull, and she must now fight her way out through hordes of space pirates and other intergalactic monsters held captive on the planet.
Origin: Epsilon is an experimental bio-weapon engineered by the space pirates, the creature was designed to be able to mimic Samus’s abilities through it’s own organic weaponry. The creature possesses Metroid DNA, and a select number of monsters that samus has previously killed. There were multiple creatures like Epsilon that went under different names produced at the beginning of the experiment. They worked as successful pack hunters being able to bring down “things” many times their size. The experiment seemed like a great step for Space pirate scientists, so they decided to take another step further. They injected a minute dose of phazon into one of the creatures named Epsilon, in hopes they could possibly trigger an evolution of some kind. However the injected Epsilon killed and ate the other juvenile primes within containment. Then it began to grow, like Metroids the elite Epsilon went under a rapid stage of evolution, however it’s physical appearance wouldn’t change much throughout its growth. Instead Epsilon would “shed” its skin periodically, gradually gaining thicker armor, as well as increasing in size. It also exceeded the size of the other monsters because of the mutation. Soon Epsilon was put under a series of “resistance tests” by the pirates. Grade A weapons had no effect on it. Energy weapons only deflected off it’s hide. It was soon evident that the phazon was making Epsilon increasingly violent. As it grew in size it’s obedience diminished. It soon broke out of its containment and began killing everything in sight in blind rage. It now ravages the facility with Samus at it’s mercy as it grows surpassing Samus’s arsenal.
Appearance: Epsilon is a large brightly colored quadruped. It’s skin almost resembles chozo power armor, and it’s armor also allows it to defy gravity like that of Samus’s suit. It’s head is long and has two distinct clusters of eyes similar to that of an omega metroid, it’s body’s upper torso is very large in comparison to its hindquarters, and it uses it’s two large clawed forequarters to pull it’s body into sprints matching samus’s speedbooster. Epsilon also has an unorthodoxly large vertical mouth making up the majority of it’s chest, the qualities of this orifice share that to the gnashing maw of a larval metroid; with the capabilities of draining energy. It has prominent sheets of exoskeleton that cover most of it’s upper body. Veins seen between it’s armor appear to have phazon running through them. Epsilon also has a “mane” of flat tentacles that plume out of the back of it’s skull-like head like the petals of an exotic flower, while not used for attacking Epsilon appears to “grow” them when reaching a stage of evolutionary maturity.
Abilities/gameplay mechanics: (assuming the game is a side scroller like the original games) When battling Epsilon at the beginning of a fight, it will swat missiles out of the air, while super missiles will fly past it dealing damage directly. The only other way to access the window to damage Epsilon is to fire your standard beam at it’s head to stun it. Once stunned Epsilon will shoot out a series of tentacles from it’s chest to grapple Samus to pull her into it’s mouth, once in that position Samus can open fire on Epsilon’s chest to deal massive damage. Epsilon’s attacks occur randomly, however they can be exploited through the color of Epsilon's bioluminescence flashing different colors. As an example- yellow for lunging, green for acid spitting and red for screw attacking.
Epsilon has a basic attack of rushing and pouncing Samus attempting to pin her under it’s chest. Samus can avoid this by switching to morph ball and rolling straight under it. Epsilon will signal this attack with a flash of it’s eyes.
Epsilon can summersault generating a field of energy similar to Samus’s screw attack. Epsilon will hurl itself directly into walls to bounce off like a hellish pinball, once it loses momentum Epsilon will discontinue the attack.
Epsillon can spew a glob of fluorescent acid that sets anything it sticks to on fire which can prove to be a difficulty for samus maneuvering through Epsilon’s attacks as it lingers after being produced.
Epsilon is also capable of mimicking some of Samus’s other abilities throughout the game. In which Samus must obtain a new weapon that can damage Epsilon as it evolves. It is set to be encountered many times, with each form growing stronger.
Behavior/in-game characteristics: Epsilon is by no means stupid, but it also lacks an advanced intelligence in favor of brute strength due to it’s phazon mutations. However Epsilon is still smart enough to run away from a fight that it is losing. Epsilon will also not hesitate to destroy its environment in order to get around. At some point in the game Epsilon will have evolved above a weapon that samus has yet to attain, in that moment it will give chase to Samus knowing of its advantages, Samus on the other hand will have to run away from it. As it grows Epsilon will become far more violent and deteriorate mentally losing complete control over its growth. At some point it will become too powerful even for samus to defeat.. I would spoil the ending I have in mind for this game and the fate of Epsilon. But I think it’s just too good to spoil now in case anything happens down the road.


Ghittashrek by Kevin Rayner


Zaraba by Tim Hardeman



Despite the regular occurrence of water in Metroid games, there is a distinct lack of water bosses. As such, I decided to restrict myself to designing such a creature. My first thought was to set the game as a third-person, over-the-shoulder game, and leverage Metroid's exploration element with expansion into survival-horror, so that you're exploring an unknown, dark, dangerous area.
Zaraba is encountered immediately after obtaining the Shinespark, which enables rapid evasion at the expense of health. Used to demonstrate the power of the Shinespark, Zaraba is extremely fast and maneuverable, using it's multiple tails to push off of the environment and charge the player. If Zaraba makes contact with the player, it causes the player to 'stick' for a moment while Zaraba leeches the player's health to replenish it's own. The player defeats Zaraba through a standard Metroid trope: stare into Zaraba's mouth as it charges, and fire as many missiles as possible. Doing this forces the player to utilize the Shinespark to evade the charge at the last minute.


Shrine Sentry Armor by Alex Ringle

Floppyr by Autumn Brennan


An imported, parasitic flower that has firmly lodged itself into the dorsal flesh of an indigenous herbivore. To ensure the safety of its host, it secretes blood-sentitive chemicals that provide protection from extreme temperature, weaponfire, infection, et cetera. Its exertion over the beast's nervous system allows the flower to override body movement at any time."
Throughout the fight, the boss will continue running around the room in a counterclockwise fashion, maintaining its speed even as it runs up the walls and the cieling. Floppyr will violently plow through Samus while on the ground, so make sure you either jump or go into Morph Ball mode to harmlessly roll between its legs. When the boss is on the cieling, seeds will drop from the flower. These seeds are coated in dangerous chemicals, so shoot them to avoid damaging Samus' suit! The seeds will occasionally drop energy/missile pickups in case Samus is running low. I imagine Floppyr as an early midgame encounter, so it's unlikely Samus will be able to shred through them with the Screw Attack as if they were Rinkas.
The only way to hurt Floppyr is to shoot missiles into the core of the flower. The ease of doing so depends greatly on the boss' current location. When it's on the ground, Samus has to awkwardly jump up and shoot downward. While it's on the cieling, the seeds will often get in the way of your missiles. It would seem that Floppyr is most vulnerable while climbing the walls, but the walls aren't particularly tall, so it's a small window of opportunity (if this was an actual game, the precise dimensions of the room would likely need to be carefully balanced and tested, but I figure it must be fairly long, like the Zeta/Omega Metroid rooms in AM2R).
Each missile will slightly dislodge Floppyr's roots. Loosening the roots will cause the flower to dangle a bit from the beast whenever it's on the cieling (the extent of the dangling will be a gradual change). Because of this, the seeds will be dropped from lower and lower heights as the battle goes on, leaving Samus less and less room to avoid them. When its roots loosen enough, it'll become scared, angry, (and probably red, as is the tradition) and will charge at Samus with much more wild vigor. The battle ends when the roots completely slip out (if the player manages to encounter Floppyr after obtaining the Screw Attack through some sort of ridiculous sequence break, it may be possible to end the battle prematurely by slicing through the roots when the gap between the flower and the animal is large enough to allow it). To symbolize the return of its freedom, the beast will start chowing down on its former master. If the last detail violates the "no food-based entries" rule, I'm okay with sacrificing it. I'm sure that rule was written just so Samus wouldn't have to fight evil hamburger aliens, but rules are rules.

Gohrak, The Guardian of Life by Bionicle Kolacz


Inspired by Bionicles, Ghorak guards ancient technology that can change basic laws of life including the genetic base code of everything living. This ancient technology was developed by forerunners that eventually taught the Chozo every thing they know before going extinct thousand of years before the chozo. Ghorak has been guarding the door to life since the technology was developed. Though he does not look menacing, Ghorak uses incredible physical combat skills to fight, as well as the ability to meld with plants and control them. Once he is in control of the plants, every Eukaryota (animal celled life form) he comes in contact goes through atrophy and has the life slowly transferred into the biosphere of this hidden planet. Like every living thing though, he doesn't deal well with freezing temperatures, but before they can effect him, he would have to loose the armor that allows him to meld with plants. Many of the universe's greatest most powerful creatures have attempted to with pass Ghorak, all of them underestimating the pure power of his armor and combat skills.

Ryzaxis by Britt Oertel

Aorantis by James Vaughn


Aorantis Semi-amorphous creature that dwells among areas of industrial waste. It collects discarded building material, electronics, various chemicals, etc. to form a protective shell. Offensively, it is capable of energizing any electronic components in it's possession by generating a bioelectric field; particularly anything that can be weaponized. On first appearance, Aorantis resembles a giant tortoise covered with dirt and moss with some visible concrete, metal, and wiring. Battle tactic: When Aorantis takes damage, it retreats into its shell to recuperate. Its shell is tough, but susceptible to missile blasts. When its shell is destroyed, Aorantis will begin building a new one. Samus can destroy the material with missiles, but they are largely ineffective on the creature itself. Ice beam does not freeze it, but does harden it's skin, making it less flexible and slowing it down, and making it more vulnerable to missile blasts. Alternating with the Plasma beam weakens Aorantis to the point of exhaustion, rendering it a non-threat. Wave beam blasts can cause explosive electrical feedback on energized electrical components, momentarily stunning Aorantis.

Kymerrex by Jessy


​Kymerrex was made by the Space Pirates as part of their ongoing experiment to create their own "metroids". They searched the galaxy far and wide for species with similar traits to metroids; on the planet Adrias IX they found a species of insect known as kymis. The Space Pirates chose to experiment on kymis to unlock the secret behind their unique ability to draw electricity out of larger creatures, which they store in a special gland and use to emit light from their rears for attracting mates. Kymerrex was the final result of experiments on kymis. Kymerrex has a variety of difference from other members of it's species, most notably its size: kymis are around the size of a common cockroach but Kymerrex is around 18 m (59 ft) in length. Kymerrex is also capable of absorbing much greater amounts of electricity, is highly agressive, and equipped with disproportionately large pincers for a kymis.
​After infiltrating a Space Pirate research facility Samus deactivated power over a large section of the facility, including Kymerrex's enclosure. Kymerrex then heads straight for the facility's main generator using its electromagnetic sensors. This causes havoc over the entire facility. And if Kymerrex absorbs its full potential of electricity with its high aggression there's no telling what it'll do. So it's up to Samus to end its reign of terror.
Kymerrex's rear is structurally weaker than most of its body since it lacks an exoskeleton to protect it. However, when charged and glowing Kymerrex's weak spot is protected by electric force. Kymerrex's main attack is electrical discharge so it's vulnerable for a brief period after every attack when it is recharging it's rear with stored electricity and for a long time as it charges from the generator overhead. If Samus is willing to risk being trapped in Kymerrex's pincers she has a chance to use morph ball bombs to hit its eyes. Doing so causes Kymerrex to discharge in retaliation and stuns it giving Samus a longer period in which to attack.
​Kymerrex's name is taken from the Latin words cimex (bug) and rex (king) with a more Greek spelling to make it seem more Metroid-y. Kymerrex's design is based off of the New Zealand glow worm with a bit of influence from Prime 2's bomb guardian. Above image is a close up of Kymerrex "in action" but with glowing rear as opposed to the duller mid-charge form. The first image shows Kymerrex under natural lighting, since the generator room has a lot of orange/yellow for the Space Pirate Homeworld look. Images also included as attachments if that makes things easier.

Amazoon by Konjaq I.


Species: Amazoon
Location: Zebes
Info: Armoured and agile, Amazoon is a lizard-like creature. This very agresive male specimen is rather intelligent to recognize when he is at a disadvantage over another creature. Amazoon feet allow him to run on ceilings. Its powerful Spin Jump Attack is very similar to Samus's Screw-Attack. Its armor can resist high temperatures. Amazoon is predominantly insectivorous, and is resistant to cold weather. He uses his ability to ambush his prey, to get rid of insect swarm; and to make its way through the undergrowth, or to fight their enemies. The plant known as the "eater/samus eater" represents a threat for this creature.
Strategy: Amazoon is able to tackle and to send Samus into the air and push Samus out of the platform and connect with Spin-Jump-Attack. Amazoon also can grab Samus and perform a screw piledrive (jumps straight up high into the air with the opponent in his arms and performs a somersault). Amazoon uses wall jump to climb up to the top and can charge and attack with a Special-Spin-Jump-Attack, a powerful technique.
Samus can't inflict damage with any beam at the time he is executing Spin-Jump. Amazoon is weak to Missiles and Charge Wave-Beam but because its agility it's hard to hit with accuracy. Destroy the Zebs (small flying creatures) that emerge from the pipes to recover your energy. Take advantage of the room's size and use Charge and Jump to execute Samus's Spin-Jump-Attack to cancel Amazoon's Spin-Jump, he won't be able to Spin-Jump for a short period of time but be careful not to confuse with the Special-Spin-Jump.

  • Samus requires to master the Wall-Jump to succed this battle.
  • Amazoon make his entrance with a demonstration of power, by destroying the platform and the small creatures with the "Special-Spin-Jump-Attack".
  • Amazoon can somersault into Samus and Zebs from the platform at the top; to the ground floor, and blast them out of the air.
  • Amazoon's Special-Spin-Attack does not work in water.
  • His head resembles to a turtle, and its back to an armadillo; Amazoon behaviour is similar to a Lemur, and his feet surface is like a gecko.
  • Although this species has not been studied in detail, Amazoon is owner of an unique form of energy; it can be assumed that the marble at the end of its tail plays an important role at the instant the Special-Spin-Attack is executed, the energy released is similary to an electric field.

Dramagon and others by Morel Guillaume

Dominion by Mr. Buncat and Megasr388


Hogorrak by Neil Anaugi


It's a prototype Federation combat walker that was stolen and renamed by Space Pirates. The pirates fitted it with a highly aggressive AI and sloppy phazon enhancements, making it extremely dangerous to have around. After many casualties, the pirates strategically neglected to take it with them when they made a stop on a remote planet.

Abomitroid by Rambling Josh


Concept: It was thought that the destriction of the Federation's Biologic Space Laboratory had wrought the destruction of the SA-X parasite and the Federation's cloned Metroids both. Unforunately this was not the case. Several Metroids and a single SA-X somehow managed to survive within the blown-out shell of the jettisoned Restricted Laboratory, eventually landing on the nearby planet SR-387.
The Metroids being hunted by the zealous SA-X, were forced to rapidly evolve in order to stay alive. However the Federation's cloning process was not as successful as was initially thought, leaving them genetically unstable. Over time, several of the Metroids fused together, and while they were able to defeat the SA-X, they were left a giant, shambling, abomination.
Description: As the Abomitroid grew, it eventually lost the ability to float, growing a grotesque clawed foot to compensate. This, in conjuntion with perching itself upon it's front claws, allows it to stay upright. In addition, the presence of several Metroids within the same being combined with the essence of all the creatures it has fed on in it's lifetime, has manifested in 3 sightless heads sprouting, one from each of it's nuclei. These heads springing forward caused the Metroid's otherwise almost-impervious shell to shatter, leaving said nuclei exposed and it's trademark green plasma to slowly seep out. The remainer of the body is adorned with various tumors and yet-to-be-formed appendages.
Abilities: The Abomitroid still bears a surprising resemblance to the creature the Chozo dubbed the "Ultimate Warrior". Each fully formed head maintains the ability to siphon the life force from living creatures, in addition to being adorned with razor sharp claws, a reinforced neck, and gnashing teeth. It is through this process that the Abomitroid is able to replenish it's ever-draining plasma.
However, with it's nuclei exposed, the Abomitroid also depends upon these newly formed heads to protect it's now exposed core. In addition to this, a weakness to cold has persisted, and each while the body is far too large to be frozen, each individual head is able to be immobilized. If one could avoid all three heads lashing at them, one could theoretically incapacitate them, leaving the Abomitroid's exposed core vulnerable to attack.

Prime Commander Vaaranus by Rijark Ortega Padilla

Elsatia by Roy Collins


The Elsatia is fought in the second Stronghold Void on Alinos, instead of another Cretaphid or Slench, in my novelization of Metroid Prime Hunters. The Elsatia flies around the battlefield, modelled after an Alimbic coliseum that it performed shows and trained for battle in. That bar it's perched on breaks as the battle begins. Its main attacks include swooping in at Samus, firing sonic screams that create sandstorms and obstruct Samus's vision, landing and biting her or ramming her with its helmet (modelled after an Alimbic's head).
To start the battle, Samus must shoot at its eyes until it is stunned. When this happens, it will ram into the walls and uncover Spider Ball Tracks. Samus can then climb up them and Boost Jump off them onto his armor, and lay Bombs or Power Bombs on the orange emblems that are the armor's weak points. This is done at least three times or until half the Elsatia's health is gone. Fun fact: Those emblems can be seen in the Alinos Stronghold Voids in the real game.
Once the armor has taken 50% damage, it assumes temporary periods of invincibility. At this point in the battle, the previous tactic is pointless, so Samus must focus on shooting the creature's wings and tail with her Magmaul to burn them and ground the Elsatia. Once it's on the ground, it stomps around like a Zeta Metroid in AM2R and continues to use its ramming and biting attacks. Samus can then resume shooting its eyes and using Missiles on its armor. Eventually, the Octolith falls from its armor. Samus tries to pick it up, but the Elsatia swallows it whole. Samus must stun it again and in a QTE type event or mini cutscene, jump into the creature's mouth in Morph Ball form and collect the Octolith, and then use a Power Bomb to finish it off.

The Ancient Golem by Dark Ridley


A ruins-esque area a la Chozo Ruins
Missiles and any variants
Power Bombs, and to a lesser extent Bombs
Ice Beam
Grapple Beam
1. Samus walks into an medium sized room and starts traversing it.
2.As she gets half ways, the Ancient Golem smashes into the wall and breaks the floor denying Samus escape and revealing lava below
*Player regains control*
3.Almost immediately after control is given back to the player the Golem tries to grab Samus, if it is successful, Samus must Power Bomb or repeatedly bomb the Golem's hand until it lets her go, this does some damage when successful, or if she takes too long, it slams her into the ground dealing massive damage.
4.The player may go about dealing damage a couple of ways:
-Grappling the head and pulling it into the hands (Minimal Damage, but easy to accomplish)
-Using Ice beam on the areas on the Golem that are emitting magic energy to disable the hand then missiling the frozen area (Small Damage)
-Getting picked up (will deal a decent bit of damage) and power bombing while inside (Moderate Damage)
*Cutscene at around 1/8 health shows the Golem going slightly haywire and breaking some columns around the room, then the Golem head will become stationary
5.After the cutscene, Samus will need to start breaking the columns (which would be above the Golem's head) to make them crumble onto the head (1/16th of the bar) and after 2 columns fall, the death cutscene will trigger
6.The Golem head will start flying and crashing around the room, it will eventually crash into a wall near Samus and crumble, revealing an ancient chamber with an upgrade, while at the same time crumbling the ceiling filling in the gaps and allowing escape and access to the upgrade.
(Attack then amount of damage in parenthesis)
Can swing hands at Samus, can also grab Samus (Small, High)
Can use magical energy to shoot Samus (Small - Moderate)
Can summon smaller golems to attack Samus (Minimal)
Can hurl boulders with moderate knock-back (Minimal, but knock-back)
Can breathe fire on Samus (First Phase Only) (Moderate - High, easy to dodge)
Can throw Samus into a wall (High, easy to dodge)
-Energy "Beams" connect hands to head, these are what are to be frozen
-Cracks are on the Golem, with "Magic Energy" flowing out
-Each portion of the golem (head and hands) is about half the size of Quadraxis
-The "mouth" is a dark chamber with iron bars blocking it off, the magic energy can be seen circulating inside
-There is a broken stone body seen outside of the hole where it breaks in, missing a head and hands with Magical Energy, not unlike the energy on the golem, is flowing out

Pirate Experiment 035B by UselessBytes



Temporary Scan-
Morphology: Pirate Experiment 035B Subject is an abandoned genetic manipulation project. Dislikes direct light. Subject is extremely agile and may avoid targeting. Logbook Entry- Pirate Experiment 035B is an abandoned genetic manipulation project and was originally intended to be a mount for high ranking Space Pirate commanders. Despite it’s Penitence Class arm mounted turret and superior cybernetic lower body, the mechanically and genetically enhanced creature was stored and slated for termination after the Space Pirate Science Team could not overcome the creature’s inherent sluggishness when exposed to direct light. Despite its weakness in bright environments, it is a formidable predator in the darkness. Science Team Logs- Science Team Log 174.001- Experimental designs for the new mount creature High Command has requested are nearing completion. Soon we will be able to start genetic modification on the test subject. Projected results include a 150% increase in size, as well as increased aggression. Science Team Log 174.002- The genetic modification of the test subject has yielded better results than expected. The test subject has become aggressive and violent, and increased in size by almost 170%. The subject will be unrestrained for the first time since modification today. I shall have gathered more data by then. Science Team Log 174.003- An issue has arisen. The subject has developed a disability in its lower body, rendering it unable to support itself without assistance. We may be able to solve this mechanically. We plan to integrate a cybernetic lower body, perhaps with walker-like appendages. We shall see if this allows the subject to support itself. Science Team Log 174.004- Integration of the cybernetics went perfectly, and we integrated a “Penitence” class arm mounted turret alongside the cybernetic lower body. However, when moved into the courtyard for field testing, the subject became sluggish and unresponsive. Further investigation is required. Science Team Log 174.005- It appears the subject’s unresponsive nature was caused by direct exposure to bright light. It was kept in semi-darkness for most of the testing period before the field test, so it is not a surprise that this issue didn’t surface beforehand. Testing to resolve this problem has already begun. Science Team Log 174.006- The status of the test subject remains unchanged. Tests will continue. Science Team Log 174.007- The subject attempted to escape. It breached its containment unit and continued to rampage throughout the facility until it was contained in the courtyard. Interestingly enough, it was only the crippling weakness that we have been attempting to remove that allowed us to recapture the subject. I will be sending a report to High Command asking for higher firepower to be positioned at this base in the future. Science Team Log 174.008- I’ve received word from High Command that we are to cancel the current project and terminate the test subject, but it is of no matter. We were unable to overcome the creature’s extreme sensitivity to direct light exposure. The project would have failed regardless. I have scheduled the creature to be terminated and High Command is sending the necessary firepower to do so onboard the next supply vessel. It will be kept in the Quarantine Hold until then. Science Team Log 174.009- The subject nearly escaped the Quarantine Hold. The darkness in the Quarantine Hold seems to have given it strength to try and escape. I have suggested installing spotlights or window hatches to prevent further incidents. They will be installed soon. Science Team Log 174.010- The new window hatches have proved successful in prevention further incidents with the subject. Termination has been scheduled and the subject will be disposed of soon. Science Team Log 209.046- The Hunter infiltrated this facility. All systems are on lockdown except for my personal terminal. The Hunter will not access any sensitive information. On the bright side, it appears the Hunter has saved us the trouble of terminating the subject mentioned in log set 174. If only it had managed to slay the Hunter… High Command would have been very pleased.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll take over for our friendly pirate scientist. Pirate Experiment 035B was actually super fun to design and draw. It took me about half the month of October to finalize the design. I wasn't sure how to go about designing it at first, but found a bit of design inspiration from a strange source. I was playing YuGiOh with a friend one day, and he summoned a monster by the name of Shadow Ghoul, and it hit me. I knew what my boss was going to look like.
Now it doesn't just take inspiration from YuGiOh. There's also hints of the drones from the Sanctuary Fortress, Gorea, The Parasite Queen, and even the Elite Pirates. It's by far one of my most inspired creations. I wanted Pirate Experiment 035B to look rough and unfinished, as if the Pirates had abandoned it. (Which they had.) So, instead of the usual sleek, organic look we're used to in Metroid from cybernetic/organic creatures, it seems rough, unrefined, and imperfect. The battle situation I Imagined wasn't too complicated, but as it requires both the Grapple Lasso and the Thermal Visor, the most likely answer for where the Pirate Experiment 035B would be fought is outside of any Metroid game available today. You'd be in a medium sized cylindrical room, shrouded in darkness. You'd be attacked by the Pirate Experiment 035B, but you'd find it evaded all weaponfire you sent its way, especially missiles. You might catch on soon, or spend more time trying to hunt down the beast, but eventually you'd realize the large hatches on the wall, and how they were all grapple points. You'd yank one open to let in light, and you'd have approximately ten scouting deal as much damage as possible as the Pirate Experiment 035B sluggishly hobbled over to blast the hatch shut. You'd have to repeat this process three times, but after the cycle happens once, the Pirate Experiment 035B would start harassing you with its arm cannon.

Condis by Valerie Morecraft (6 y.o.!)


Name: Condis Phase 1: he is a tiny little guy. he can copy Samus' beam. Phase 2: he gets bigger and faster and he gets angrier. Phase 3; he gets bigger, redder and his arm is like a lightning bolt. Phase 4: he is huge! and shoots a fire beam.

The Annihilator by xEpicgaming101x

2016 was the 30th anniversary of the Metroid series, but it is also very monumental: it is the 20th anniversary of the Metroid Database. With this very important anniversary we bring you our 5th contest: Design a Boss!

The series has always had bosses since the very first Metroid title. Samus Aran has always had epic battles with extremely powerful foes and threats to the galaxy. We want you to put your creativity to the test by designing your own boss that would fit into the Metroid series.

Your final submitted work should include an image(s) representing your character concept along with a description of the boss (The more details, the better!). Your piece can be 2D or 3D, created digitally or physically, and we also accept videos or animations. The submission must be original, and made after the contest announce date.


First Place:

  • $50 Steam Gift Card
  • World of Nintendo 6" Metroid figurine
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 12x18 Metroid Prime or 12x18 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption poster (your choice)
  • 7 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal
  • Our very last S-logo Keychain!

Second Place:

  • $20 Nintendo eShop card
  • the remaining 12x18 poster
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 5 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal

Third Place:

  • $10 Nintendo eShop card
  • World of Nintendo 2.5" Samus Aran figurine
  • 3 Metroid Database buttons of your choice
  • Morph Ball stress ball
  • 6" S-Logo decal

Official Rules

  1. Design a boss that you would imagine Samus to battle in a hypothetical Metroid game.
  2. Must be 100% original and distinct: No redesigns of any previous bosses, enemies, or characters that exist in any Metroid game.
  3. Mutations/enhancements that are common in the Metroid series are allowed but not required.
  4. Multiple forms/growth stages are allowed but not required.
  5. Vehicles are allowed, but must have some kind of driver/manipulator described.
  6. Depict the boss in action. It doesn't need to have Samus, but it can assist illustrating how the boss is fought.
  7. Make sure the boss is still visually recognisable as part of the Metroid Universe.
  • Please, no food-based entries.
  • Files should be in a standard PC image format: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tif, .gif, .etc (Do NOT send .pdf, .doc, or non-image files) If your file is over 10MB, send us a cloud drive URL instead.
  • No manipulation of pre-existing artwork. You can use it for reference/inspiration, but not directly used in your entry.

The contest will be scored based on the following categories:

  • Originality – How creative is your boss?
  • Depth – How far have you taken your idea prior to submission?
  • Craftsmanship – How well was the work produced?
  • Metroidness – How well does it fit into the Metroid universe?

ProTip: Your boss should be sentient and threatening! We aren't looking for giant turret towers, massive warships, immobile robots, giant brains in jars, or boring floating orbs.

Email your entries to:

contact@metroiddatabase.com, with the subject "MDb Contest"

Entries are due by December 10, 2016, 11:59pm PST. GET TO IT!

Entries will be judged by the MDb Staff.

All entries (who follow the rules) will be published on this page when the winners are announced.


US/Canada residents are only eligible for prizes.*
(Shipping costs are $15.00+ for overseas packages and we don't want to have to charge winners.)
Good luck and HAVE FUN! =)

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