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General Music thread

PostPosted: 09.20.08 3:51pm
by Silver Skree
So I saw threads for Classic Rock, mario paint music, orchestral remixes, and soundtracks, but I don't think I've ever seen a general music thread! And admins/mod, if there is one that I didn't find in the search, just ice and notify please.

So feel free to discuss ANY and ALL music, from whatever genre, no matter how old or new, homemade or hugely famous!

Right now, I'm listening to:

Mega Man 3 - Get Down (Snake Man Stage OCRemix)

PostPosted: 09.20.08 4:39pm
by Silver Skree
Oh, and this is just gold to listen to when I'm playing FFXI and someone doesn't pay me for mercenary deal we agreed on. Buahaha!

PostPosted: 09.20.08 5:02pm
by sharonlover
speaking of music:

I just listened to the new "Journey" Album "Revelations". It's a two disc set and if you like journey you will love them. Long ago...Steve Perry left Journey and they have struggled with finding a decent new lead vocalist. Well that problem is no more!

Arnel Pineda is an awesome singer. He sounds very similar to Steve Perry and when I heard him singing the classics....holy crap I about cried. Sadly though Pineda doesn't seem to like touring or everything else that comes with being a rock singer. Great Article about it -> ( ... new_singer)

While he may not enjoy it, he is the best they have had since Steve Perry left them and I for one am glad he's part of the group. So if you like Classic Rock, and Journey is one of your bands...I highly recommend "Revelations".

Disc 1 is new stuff
Disc 2 is new guy singing the old stuff.

I think any Journey fan will be pleasantly surprised

PostPosted: 09.20.08 5:43pm
by Ph@zon Korrupt!on
Every time I played snake mans stage I couldn't stop humming the song :D . I've been listen to enter shikahari alot lately. Oh yeah, Mf dooms special herbs vol1&2, coheed and cambria, protest the hero, epmd's I shot the sheriff, Bob marley, skindred, Talib kweli, Saosin, z-trip, Lady sovereign, Rise against the machines, Guru and Mindless Self indulgence.

PostPosted: 09.20.08 8:08pm
by AMetroidGuy
It might help to link all those threads in the first post so we can avoid overlap.

PostPosted: 09.20.08 8:17pm
by CapCom
Uhh yeah, it's fine.

I really just listen to VGM. Well, and a few other things, like some anime OSTs and yeah, some Irish drinking songs and other odd stuff. I don't mind classical and jazz, but I prefer rock.

Here's my list of favorite albums (minus a few like Heavy Metal Thunder): ... php?t=4113

PostPosted: 09.20.08 8:35pm
by RedMage
For me its not so much main stream music. I like musical scores from movies, games and classic pieces. One of my favorites has got to be from Evangelion.

PostPosted: 09.20.08 9:14pm
by Geemer
I like a bit of a medley. Some rock (that's a really general term, but I don't know how to be more specific - Queens of the Stone Age, RHCP, The Darkness, Franz Ferdinand, etc.), punk & ska, island/reggae, rockabilly, some techno/electronica, there's some good pop-rock out there, 90's indie/alternative stuff, some rap. I'll listen to classical or jazz if I'm in the right mood, usually as background music to something else.

I listed kind of a lot, but I don't actually listen to music that often. Mostly because I need to get some new cd's to update my collection.

I really don't like country, most solo pop artists, most mainstream rap, most current folksy-indie stuff, or pop-punk and emo.

PostPosted: 09.20.08 9:32pm
by metroid_boy
I like Brazilian stuff. Yea, I listen to many foreign bands, but to be honest, they usually don't have much originality in the true sense of the word, and thats where our music come in. We have some rock bands that differ a lot from what people are usually used to listen.

One of the bands that brings that originality is Los Hermanos. They have some really good lyrics and really good songs, using rock, ska, bossa nova (other well-known brazilian style), etc, and the result is inspiring. They have 4 cds, but the band broke up one or two years ago... One of the singers (not the one in the videos below) just recorded a solo album, very well accepted, from what I heard.

These are 2 Los Hermanos songs from their DVD:

Retrato pra Iaiá (Something like "A picture/photo for Iaiá -> A woman) ... re=related

O Velho e o Moço (Something like "The elder and the young man) ... re=related

PostPosted: 09.20.08 10:11pm
by Redwing
My big three bands are: Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, and Sigur Ros.

Sufjan is wonderful folk. He's got a great intimate feel and some cool instruments. Some of his songs are just amazingly cool and fun, like Chicago, and others have nearly brought me to tears, like Casimir Puliaski Day.

Beirut is a really interesting band with a great original flair. Zach Condon is wicked-good on the ukulele, and the whole thing just has this half-drunk mini-orchestra idea going on that I'm a huge fan of. Postcards from Italy is one of my favorite songs of all time. Be sure to check out for some awesome videos of all the songs on their new album.

Last is the oddball of the group, Icelandic post-rock group Sigur Ros. Amazing bow-guitar, otherworldly singing (with poetic lyrics if you look up translations), and some wonderful (but dark and powerful) melodies make this my "rock out" band. The last few minutes of Untitled 8 just blow my mind.

Re: General Music thread

PostPosted: 09.20.08 10:13pm
by Ph@zon Korrupt!on
So I saw threads for Classic Rock, mario paint music, orchestral remixes, and soundtracks, but I don't think I've ever seen a general music thread! And admins/mod, if there is one that I didn't find in the search, just ice and notify please.

So feel free to discuss ANY and ALL music, from whatever genre, no matter how old or new, homemade or hugely famous!

Right now, I'm listening to:

Mega Man 3 - Get Down (Snake Man Stage OCRemix)
If you liked the overclocked remix for snake mans stage silver skree you should try bMM2 bubbleman OCremix, I didn't know which remix I liked better theirs or Capcom's

PostPosted: 09.20.08 10:21pm
by primarilypurple
Like everything else, my tastes in music vary. One of my very favorite songs, probably most played on my iPod, is 'Sleep', by Anthony Silvestri.

I have a different question, do many of you play a lot of music?, perhaps in a high school/college band, garage band or drum corps.

For example, I am a percussionist with a small scholership in music at my college.

Edit: that's the best recording I could find, it's still not as good as my recording of the Polyphony version.

PostPosted: 09.20.08 10:23pm
by Emperor Ing
All of my life can pretty much have music integrated into it.

I am a musician. And fancy myself a composer.

What i need right now is a good program, because I am itching to try something out (NoteWorthy sucks) that can effectively put my head into audible form.

As for tastes?

I like Folk, Jazz, Classical, Electronic, Rock, Metal, Video-game etc. etc. I like pretty much all genres. My tastes aren't limited to something.

Take The World Ends With You. Full of J-Pop, Hip-Hop, and what-not, but I love every song on there.

That being said, what i love best are pure instrumentals over lyrics. That's why I frequently download off of OCremix. If I had the means, I'd try to make a song for there.

I love Jim Croce. You should too. That man gets you pumpin'. Bad bad Leroy Brown, Don't Mess around with Jim, all of his songs are kinda folksy/bluesy, but they are great.

Cat Stevens is one of my favorite musicians. His music is mellow, and creative and emotive and all that good stuff. And his voice is fantastic. Also, even when he became Yusuf Islam, I bought a CD and still was impressed with the quality (i think it was An Other Cup).

Classical, I like it, but I don't go out and seek it. If it is there, I'll listen to it.

Jazz seems to be one of my favorite genres. It is instrumental, and I love the beat, and the wide range of everything you can do with jazz songs.

I admit that The Frangrance of Dark Coffee is one of my favorite songs of all-time. Listen to it, it is good. Damn fine video-game music.

PostPosted: 09.21.08 4:59am
by Naner
I hate Brazilian music that came during the 21st century. And some that came before two. I like the classic MPBs, or Popular Brazillian Music. But not so much. That's what I like from here.

Well, I mostly listen to video game or movie soundtracks. I like classic rock and orchestrated, too. For example.

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros. Brawl(around 280 songs, doesn't fit on my MP4...)
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Everything John Williams, actually
The Beatles
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Van Halen

PostPosted: 09.21.08 8:41am
by CapCom
I like Brazilian stuff.
Brazil, eh? Check out 8-Bit Instrumental:

Beat the Robot Masters is quite original and a great change of pace from the standard MM2 remix album.

Actually, I don't listen to mainstream music mainly because it's usually always singing about the same stuff and I got tired of it. When I do listen, it's something unusual or something that MEANS something - like Eric Bogle or Don McLean, for instance. With VGM, while it can get formulaic sometimes, I never have to worry about them singing about something that I'm gonna hate or that's gonna depress me because it's rarely lyrical (ok - that's a bit ironic, considering Eric Bogle!).