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The Star Wars thread!!

PostPosted: 10.18.07 4:55pm
by Naner
Wow, it really took a while for me to star this off, but we finally have a place to chat about films, novels, games, comics, songs, and products of the Force. And, of course, we can concentrate on the Force.

May the Force be with us all.

PostPosted: 10.20.07 8:26am
by Hiroshi Mishima
I've always enjoyed the original Trilogy since I was a child. And although the second trilogy is good and all, it'll never be as good as the older one in my mind. The new films just don't have the same feel or quality the older ones do.

That's probably also why I love the books pertaining to the original trilogy and beyond it so much. I discovered those through a wonderful series known as the X-wing Series, or something to that effect. Happened upon it by chance when the first two volumes were just being released back around the end of... wanna say 8th grade on a road trip with my grandfather who has since passed on. Wonderful memories... and to think, I was hating it up until I found those two books. From that point on, I had the best time of my life and really enjoyed myself.

PostPosted: 10.20.07 5:34pm
by MaiAriSquee
When I first saw General Grievous on the Clone Wars cartoon, (which I personally view as better than the actual new movies), my heart just about broke out and leapt off the roof of my house.

Why, you ask?? He looks almost precisely like the robots I like to draw, and seeing that someone had already done it, and it such a spectacular way, killed me. Later, when I was looking at some sketches, I had to ask myself, "Did I come out with the pose/leg plan by myself, or did I see that on Grievous?"

Now I don't give a darn. They're my children, and I know I came up with them long before seeing the General. What WILL tick me off will be, if I ever get to do anything with them, that people will think I ripped them off from star wars. I think my greatest inspiration, honestly, was Andrew Jones and the concept art from Prime.

Here's what I'm talking about: ... t.jpg.html

It's not as obvious with Corbenin and Manteu, but some of my other quadrupeds looked and moved almost exactly like him.

Heheh... for that reason, I'm a huge Grievous fan.

PostPosted: 10.20.07 5:47pm
by Naner
Cool. It seems there's a bit of Chozo in your drawing too, isn't there? I also am a great Grievous fan, and I HATED the way that he died so easily in III. I always say: If Obi-Wan didn't appear in episode IV, Grievous surely would have won(or I hope).

Hiroshi, It's the X-Wing series alright, that happen 6-8 ABY*, 2 years after Return of the Jedi.

I don't like the old movies because of the lightsaber battles. The best one was the V one, and it still sucked. My favorite is III because of the quality of the battles. If the remade IV, V and IV I would consider them greatly. A REAL death for Obi.

Anyone here reads Star Wars novels frequently? They are very rare in Brazil, but I have 2: Outbound Flight(27 BBY*) and Legacy of the Force: Tempest(reading now)(40 ABY*). I pretend buying the last three Legacy books when they come out.

* A New Hope is year 0. BBY means years before IV and ABY means years after IV.

PostPosted: 10.20.07 8:12pm
by Will Keaton
I had read a few Star Wars novels back in the day, the Han Solo Trilogy, Shadows of the Empire and three anthology books consisting entirely of stories about minor characters/extras from the cantina, Jabba's palace and the five other bounty hunters from Episode 5.

Everyone on the planet would be a Grievous fan if he wasn't such a pansy in Episode 3. I saw Clone Wars before Ep 3 and spent the first half of the movie screaming, "why does Grievous suck so much?" Glad I wasn't in a theatre.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 1:03am
by Hiroshi Mishima
Honestly? You can't consider yourself a true StarWars fan if you feel the original trilogy needs to be remade. The reason I don't like the newer trilogy is because it just doesn't seem as real as the original. Too much reliance on CGI - which in the many years had never looked very real beyond Jurassic Park, but that's because they mixed it with animatronics and such.

The Lightsabre battles... eeh, that's not the real pull of StarWars for me. It was the sci-fi story, the romantic overtones, and the memorable characters I found myself liking and wanting to succeed.

In the new trilogy... I really only liked R2 and 3PO, oh and Padme. But again, I'm a hopeless romantic, so I'm gonna be drawn to the older ones because they felt more romantic, and real, and just overall more believable.

As good as the new trilogy was, it just will never be the same to me.

Oh, and I do read the books a lot. I've read over 30 of the books taking place in, during, and after the original trilogy.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 4:01am
by Valherran
I was counting the days untill Naner decided to create a Star Wars thread...NERD! j/k :D

PostPosted: 10.21.07 5:33am
by Naner
Hiroshi Mishima wrote:Oh, and I do read the books a lot. I've read over 30 of the books taking place in, during, and after the original trilogy.

Taking place in and during is the same thing, isn't it? Haven't you read any novels of the Old Republic era?

Yes, if the Clone Wars Grievous and the III Grievous faced each other, the Clone Wars one surely would win. He kills 5 Jedi and injures 3 in his first appearance, surviving only Jedi Masters Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti and Ki-Adi Mundi, showing that only Masters have a bit of chance against him. But then in III, he loses to ONLY OBI-WAN! I don't care much that he died, I just think he needs a better death.

I was also counting the days till I made this.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 11:40am
by Infinity's End
Eps 1 2 and 3 don't hold a candle to the original triliogy, unless you're 16 years old or something... but i guess that's the age group they were made for... :roll:

Anyway, Ep 3 was extremely anti-climactic. They could have cut out half of the shit in 2, put half of the shit in 3 into Ep 2, and then made 3 a much better movie, focusing on Darth Vader and his rise to power... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo all we get is a bullshit excuse and have him standing there overlooking the making of the Death Star. Lame is such a weak word to use in this instance because it doesn't even come close to describing how pathetically disappointing it was.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 4:30pm
by Hiroshi Mishima
I've never been really excited about the Old Republic era. I know what I know of it from the stuff mentioned in the New Republic/New Jedi Order era novels.

About the only things I've ever involved myself in with Old Republic and further back is Knights of the Old Republic. I don't know WHY I find the New Trilogy era to be so dull.. I just do for some reason. Maybe because they tried to put too much emphasis on the battles, or maybe the romance just wasn't there... I'm not sure.

As for Clone Wars... hah, I have to admit the series of Shorts were awesome, and probably better than the New Trilogy - though not as good as the Old Trilogy.

I also do think that it was kinda weird for them to have a kick-ass interpretation of General G and then make him weak and pathetic in the third movie.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 6:59pm
by Will Keaton
I think one of the reasons Clone Wars was so good was because it had some of the same elements that made the original trilogy so popular, elements that were lacking in much of the new trilogy or weren't as well executed. The sense of humour in particular. For instance, the entire sequence in Episode 22 where Anakin and Obi-wan attack a seperatist base, through the sewers, ("My what an incredible smell you've discovered,) after having a hearty meal by "feeding off the living force." The whole thing just FELT like it belonged with the original trilogy. Not to mention all the throwaway lines taken straight from the original movies.

PostPosted: 10.21.07 11:30pm
by Hiroshi Mishima
I never thought about it before, but you're right in that I think the Clone Wars shorts were very reminscent of the original Trilogy. Not so much in look, but in feel and atmosphere. The original trilogy had a fair ammount of humour in it, as well. I mean, come on, who here didn't love crazy Old Ben Kenobi? Or whenever R2 and 3PO started arguing with each other.

There just wasn't enough of that sort of thing in the new trilogy. They almost put too much focus on action, at times. I don't remember now, since it's been a while... but in Episode 2, don't they show Anakin actually killing a bunch of the Sand People after his mother dies? If so... I think it probably could have been done just a touch better by having him become angry, step out of the tent and whip out his lightsabre, then fading out, knowing full well what he probably was going to do. Then afterwords have it come up that he slaughtered all the Sand People in the tribe, young and old, out of his anger.

Meh, just a thought.

PostPosted: 10.22.07 10:01am
by Naner
I think they were too economical in Episode III. They could've made a 3~3:30 hour movie like Return of the King, Titanic or World's End, but nooooooo...

PostPosted: 10.22.07 5:27pm
by Hiroshi Mishima
The problem is, most producers/directors feel that people will not sit through a 3+ hour movie. And sadly, they're fairly right. As much as I personally would love to see a nice, epic, 3+ hour movie like World's End and Lord of the Rings, not everyone is going to, and they may lose out on sales in the end.

...of course, I'm fairly certain something like Episode III could have pulled it off. It's fucking popular enough.

PostPosted: 10.26.07 8:47am
by Valherran
The longer the movie is the better, that way they dont leave out key plots and make the movie confusing. If you are a poor soul who has read all the Harry Potter books and then watched the movies, you will see they skip through maybe 4 hours worth of treking. IMO if they are going to make movies based off books etc, MAKE IT RIGHT! :roll: