Things you like, but everyone else hates

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Re: Things you like, but everyone else hates

Postby Remnants » 11.10.14 5:26pm

I would rather sleep early.

Instrumental music. I like instrumental music quite a lot and that's without incessant bass.


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Re: Things you like, but everyone else hates

Postby Apothem » 11.11.14 2:09am

I wouldn't think instrumental music to be widely loathed, but I suppose if one were to follow the pop charts one could justify such an assumption. I adore instrumental music. That's a major contributing reason to my love of "VGM" - it's almost purely evocatively melodic. I enjoy lyrical accompaniments as well, but the overwhelming majority of what I prefer to listen to is strictly sans the (intelligible) spoken word.


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Re: Things you like, but everyone else hates

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 11.20.16 9:32am

I like the idea of call of duty infinite warfare (haven't played it but someday I will).
I love the legend of spryo series (not the original it's one of his reboots that got 2 sequels)
sonic's parcore in sonic lost world
I like prime 3, other m and echoes.
I like playing as the wolf in twilight princess
I like the warehog ... deal with it
I like super paper mario it is an underappreciated game

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