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World News

PostPosted: 11.28.14 8:49pm
by Meta Ridley
I'm just going to keep my eye on this. Though I've heard of some interesting developments of #BlackOutBlackFriday, like that train station ending up getting shut down and a Galleria store, I believe, also closed as a result of the protests. I've also heard of plans of additional protests in the future focused on other holidays. These are just tweets I've been finding under the aforementioned hashtag so please take it all with a grain of salt.

Just where is this all going to go...?
Dunno if there's already a non-game news thread.

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PostPosted: 11.28.14 10:53pm
by Zynux
This is a good idea for now. "How was YOUR day today?" thread got hijacked, so it's best to steer it on course. Though since this forum barely gets any activity outside of the stickied threads (like "How was YOUR day today?" or the Movie thread or Anime thread), most just create a new thread for controversies so I'm not sure if this should be just a dumb for all world news.

Anyways, I'll just say this last thing about Ferguson since it's already been snared by the media and narrative pushers on both sides, spinning it into a debate on race when it never needed to be:

If the cop was being unprofessional and was triggerhappy (shot too many bullets, shot when didn't need to, etc.) then I hope the Rioters focus their attention less on destruction and more on actually getting some answers and justice, even if I find the method of rioting way too reactionary.

However, if the cop is largely justified in the shooting, then I'm going to be very, very mad at the media (well, I'm mad at it anyway regardless). Again, I understand that cops sometimes have way too much power and can sometimes get off scot-free because of bias but the media never fails to turn issues like these for their cultural purposes and it always makes the situation worse, and I won't forget what they did here.

I truly believe that thanks to the media this case will never get thoroughly examined with unbiased eyes. Either outcome will be some sort of cultural statement instead of actually caring about investigating a possible homicide where someone died. And I find that to be the saddest thing about all of this.

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PostPosted: 11.28.14 11:12pm
by Meta Ridley
This is a good idea for now. "How was YOUR day today?" thread got hijacked, so it's best to steer it on course. Though since this forum barely gets any activity outside of the stickied threads (like "How was YOUR day today?" or the Movie thread or Anime thread), most just create a new thread for controversies so I'm not sure if this should be just a dumb for all world news.
Personally, I want this to be a non-gaming news thread since there was stuff that happened that I wanted to talk about that was newsy and stuff but it didn't pertain to gaming so I kinda had to not talk about it. I also think that stickied threads should be unstickied if they have a month of inactivity to make room for possible new stuff.

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PostPosted: 11.29.14 10:15am
by Remnants
So this tweet linked to the following news article: Ferguson Protesters Boycott Black Friday at Horton Plaza Mall

Some snippets:
The new nationwide effort, dubbed “Blackout Black Friday,” is trying to hit America in the pocketbook, organizers say.
Rebecca Gross, who works at a kiosk inside the mall, told NBC 7 security went around the stores to recommend they close for the night before protesters arrived.
"If you look at how many stores are locked and closed their doors on Black Friday, it's not good for us or any of the stores," said Gross.
Throughout stores in St. Louis, protesters staged "die-ins," where they laid down like corpses.
One picture here


You can find more on #DieIn

So the did manage to affect some stores but how many? That I can't answer. What I can say that it was more effective in some places than in others.

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PostPosted: 11.30.14 3:45pm
by Remnants
Some good news relating to solar energy. The completion of the Topaz Solar Farm, the now-largest solar PV farm in the world at 550 Megawatts. It occupies 9.5 square miles and cost $2.5 billion. However, its title as the largest solar plant in the world may be short lived as another bigger project, the Solar Star projects which is also to be located in California is set to take that title with its final capacity of 579 Megawatts.

Source: ... anels.html

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PostPosted: 12.01.14 12:38pm
by Luminoth Prime

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PostPosted: 12.03.14 2:30pm
by Remnants
Some exciting news for anyone interested in electric vehicles: Nissan battery breakthrough to double the Nissan Leaf's range within a few years.

The Nissan Leaf when it came out had been advertised as having a range of 200 km or 124 miles. With this new battery breakthrough to be released in a couple of years from now, a Nissan Leaf could go as far as 249 miles between charging.

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PostPosted: 12.03.14 6:59pm
by Apothem
All sorts of battery breakthroughs seem imminent on the horizon, I just wish they'd finally get here and make my electronics last longer.

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PostPosted: 12.04.14 10:36pm
by Luminoth Prime
I got a new Motorola Droid Turbo about a month ago that has a 3900 mAh battery, which is huge. I don't really notice it, though, because I've never owned an Android phone before (Windows Phone user here), and I don't think I've fully optimized everything yet. Don't know if I ever will, either, but the battery is still pretty beastly. And it comes with the Motorola Turbo Charger, which charges the thing insanely fast, so I suppose it doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things.

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PostPosted: 12.16.14 11:07am
by Remnants
OK, this is going to be pretty huge...

Eos Energy Storage Awarded $2.1 Million from California Energy Commission for Ground-Breaking Battery Demonstration

What is this battery demonstration all about? It's about battery energy storage becoming more integrated with the electric grid. This snippet goes into greater detail on that:
PG&E’s Smart Grid Lab will install and test the AC energy storage system, which integrates Eos’s Aurora DC battery, ETM’s state-of-the-art power electronics, and Stem’s intelligent software, featuring real-time data analytics and controls. EPRI will provide program management and data validation services and coordinate safety, interconnection, and system integration requirements. Berkeley Lab will use real-time grid simulation to characterize performance and quantify system benefits under dynamic load and renewable integration use cases.
The next thing I'd like to draw attention to is what's underlined above; Eos' Aurora DC battery technology.
“We’ve developed an energy storage solution designed specifically to meet the requirements of California’s utilities and industrial users. At a price of $160 per kilowatt-hour, we believe our batteries will compete with gas peaking plants and copper wire to provide both peak generation and infrastructure benefits,” said Philippe Bouchard, Eos Vice President of Business Development.
Just the claim that their batteries will compete with copper wire seems outlandish so I need to explain what they're talking about there. The thing about electric grids is that they are built to supply peak demands. If the peak demands were to become more than the grid can transport, then additional copper lines and cables must be installed to carry that extra power. It'd be a lot to explain but let's just say that if energy storage is made accessible and used well, the power lines of the present won't need to carry bursts as large as they do today which means that bulking up the grid can be postponed and future power lines can be slimmed down if the technology is applied. Savings could be huge.

What's more, a price point of $160 per kWh is obscene in how low it is! Today, Lithium-Ion batteries; the kind you tend to find in laptops, cell phones and electric vehicles, tend to cost about $500 per kWh of capacity. That's quite a contrast, isn't it?

Energy storage at that cost could transform the way energy is supplied to our wall outlets. Of course, we won't really notice anything as consumers but utility companies do stand to profit greatly from this due to savings in infrastructure investment as well as really starting to take advantage of the near zero marginal costs (the cost to produce an extra unit of something) of renewable energy sources.

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PostPosted: 04.16.15 6:35pm
by Remnants
OK, got some interesting news concerning electricity.

The following is sourced from Bloomberg Business.

As it turns out, globally, added installed renewable energy capacity caught up to newly added fossil fuel capacity. Aside from solar (thermal or the panels) and wind, hydro-electric, biomass and geothermal also count as renewable energy.

From many sources I keep hearing that the energy price of renewable energy has reached parity with fossil fuels and still their costs continue to drop.

Now for some irony.

Sourced again from Bloomberg, it's about the Saudis pumping out oil like there is no tomorrow which has caused the price of oil to plummet recently. Well, what if there really is no tomorrow for oil? That's what the Saudis seem to be concerned about. Remember in 2010 or 2011 when "peak oil" was a thing that was going to bring an end to industrial civilization? Well, things seem to be turning on its head as what this article mentions is Peak Oil Demand. For my next point, I'm going to have to quote something from the article because this is just hysterical!
“Our ultimate aim is to diversify away from our overreliance on oil revenues,” the petroleum minister [of Saudi Arabia] said at a 2013 seminar in Washington.
Yeah, you heard that right. Saudi Arabia is worried about "overreliance on oil revenue." Quite a contrast to how we've heard ad nauseum about how countries should reduce their dependency on foreign oil but now oil exporters want to reduce their dependency on oil exports.

All this point to the conclusion that the days of the fossil fuel age are numbered and those who have oil reserves or have invested in the commodity might want to start selling their assets quickly before they lose too much money off of a commodity nobody is going to want to buy. Such a move by commodity investors could further sink the price of oil. If the price of oil gets too low due to lack of demand, it can make the industry unprofitable.

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PostPosted: 06.25.16 1:15pm
by Remnants
So, I take it you guys have already heard about BRExit? Yesterday it became official that the Leave camp won the majority in the referendum.

Let's look at the numbers. According to the NY Times:
Britons voted on Thursday to leave the European Union. The Leave side led with 17.4 million votes, or 52 percent, versus the Remain side’s 16.1 million, or 48 percent, with a turnout of around 72 percent.
It turns out that the distribution of votes are unequal across the different territories of the UK -- consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I recommend you look at the source yourself but I'll just put the number out anyway.

For England, the vote was 53% Leave vs 47% Remain.
For Wales, the vote was 53% Leave vs 48% Remain. (that's what it says in the source...)
For Scotland, the vote was 38% Leave vs 62% Remain.
For Northern Ireland, the vote was 44% Leave vs 56% Remain.

Not only did the majority in Scotland and Northern Ireland want to remain in the EU, the margin for Remain on both sides were considerably larger than the margins for Leave in both England and Wales.

There have been rumors that Scotland might use this to make a second attempt at seceding from the UK but this time with the intent of preventing themselves from leaving the EU. The EU exit won't be finalized until two years from now so the Scots better act now if they want to stay behind in the EU without England and Wales. The same would hold true for Northern Ireland.

Personally, I have no strong feelings about this one way or the other. England and Wales have chosen and I would rather see Scotland and N. Ireland be given the chance to secede from the UK to remain in the EU. Whichever way it goes is really up to them. That seems a lot more fair to me. As for England and Wales, their choice is clear and they will have to take responsibility for it from here on out. Their success or failure will be on them.

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PostPosted: 06.25.16 11:29pm
by Zynux
Some demographics of voters that voted brexit compared to remain:


Source, to see more stats: ... bles-1.pdf

Basically, it was the poorer working class vs the richer higher up class, and the working class won out.

According to the media narrative it was the "old folks" that screwed over the younger generation (?). What's funny about that is that it seems that according to Skydata only 36% of the young vote even bothered to vote at all, so they practically screwed themselves by being apathetic.

The pound dipped terribly as expected, but it looks like shares/stock market recovered considerably since. We shall see.

Also lol Scotland

"We voted to stay with Britain!"

-Britain leaves

"No we don't want to stay with Britain anymore!!!"

-But you already voted to stick with Britain

I heard that even if Scotland succeeded they wouldn't be let back in the EU anyway, but I didn't bother researching that.


I have no stake in this, but on the other hand I'm not the biggest fan of the direction the EU was headed oftentimes so them being thrown in Chaos gets a chuckle out of me.

We won't see the long term positive/negative effects of this entire debacle until years down the line, so I'm not too worried right now when it comes to reactionaries. Britain is a powerful country so it's not going to just crumble.

People left and right getting asshurt over democracy doing what it did and people's right to vote what they wanted was funny though. And of course, the media narratives and the doomsdaying was quite a sight to behold.

Whether this will be great or a trainwreck, I know I will enjoy the ride.

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PostPosted: 06.26.16 8:26am
by janet.op
^Thanks for the links

It did sort of bother me how salty the remain camp got. I hate drama really, it adds nothing productive. But it does make for good press :thumbsup:

I also wonder if the remain camp would've wanted a second go if they won… I'm just annoyed at these guys reactions because they've been so rude about not getting what they wanted wherever I go! Well I don't know a lot about this, but it will be interesting to watch.

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PostPosted: 06.26.16 2:57pm
by Apothem
The EU suffers a major succession and all they have are stern words. We (the USA) suffered a succession and we put those crazy fuckers back in line. The hard way. You can't call yourself a "Union" if your aren't willing to fight for your unity, and sometimes that means literally. The EU and all its dysfunctions are what you get when you attempt to combine dozens of disparate cultures together, most of which hate each other, for nothing more than financial gain. Europe has never seen themselves as a unified whole, and the UK leaving only gives dissenters the excuse they need to tear everything down. The ignorance and racism of the British majority in the referendum risk demolishing nearly a century of painstaking diplomatic progress across Europe, and with Russia salivating to the east and the immigrant and terror crisises welling up from down south, the EU is in no place to be tearing itself apart. This is going to have dramatic ramifications for the rest of the world, and that's a genuinely frightening thought.