Double standards on this forum

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Double standards on this forum

Postby craigrobbo » 07.22.15 3:39am

Okay guys, I don't post much on here...and for good reason
It feels like there is double standard Herr, favouritism or just snobbery

I don't expect this post to last because I've posted it.

If I post something that is similar but I feel feel deserves its own thread, I'm shunned. If I have a thought or an idea or questions some higher authority or admin gives their opinion and locks the thread (even though I turned out to be right)

So I get my thread locked for having a 'similar thread' open
However other people open a thread after mine that's damn near identical and guess what...that's ok...

So all in all we can't have an opionion and it feels like double standards...

I know this thread isn't great English but I can't be bothered to put the effort in when treated alike this.

Rant over
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Re: Double standards on this forum

Postby HYRUL3 » 07.22.15 9:51am

Seeing that this is a duplicate topic, I'm locking it... See my response in the other one.
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