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Free Night Time Electricity in Texas*

PostPosted: 11.19.15 11:54am
by Remnants
Source article: ... icity.html

The name of the Utility doing this is TXU Energy. According to the source, electricity is free from 9 PM up to 6 AM. That's a 9-hour window where you're free to use as much electricity as you want. However...

*Daytime rates are higher. It isn't disclosed how much higher.

So you're probably wondering why a utility would do this. Isn't it losing money? Quoted from the source:
A shift of power use away from the peak daytime periods means lower wholesale prices, and the possibility of avoiding the costly option of building more power plants.


For utilities, the giveaway is hardly altruistic. Deregulation in Texas has spurred intense competition for customers. By encouraging energy use at night, utilities reduce some of the burdens, and costs, that the oversupply of wind energy places on the power grid.
So basically, TXU Energy saves money not just on the effects of oversupply of wind energy but it also saves a lot of money by not having to build more power plants.

Just imagine how much room for abuse this could have...
For those of you who don't know, that's the Tesla Powerwall home battery. Figure yourself in Texas where you could charge a battery module like this up with free night time electricity and then use that energy during the day and have a lowered net energy use during that time where electricity is more expensive.

Will be interesting to see whether or not this program sticks. Having home owners install batteries in their homes can be a boon to utilities and customers alike.

Re: Free Night Time Electricity in Texas*

PostPosted: 11.20.15 6:11pm
by Zynux
Funny, it seems that I use more electricity after 9 pm then before.