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PostPosted: 03.11.16 1:09am
by Snowy Silva
Discord is a free text and chat system that claims (and, I believe, is) to be better than both skype and teamspeak.
Here is a link to the website.

I believe this forum should (if it doesn't already) have a Discord server.
What do you think?

Re: Discord

PostPosted: 03.11.16 2:09am
by Meta Ridley
I'm in some Smash Bros Discords and it's basically a glorified chat room. I personally feel this site would be better off not using it.

Re: Discord

PostPosted: 03.11.16 10:40pm
by Zynux
I've heard of Discord but never used.

For a time my brother really liked RaidCall.

Re: Discord

PostPosted: 03.23.16 5:24pm
by Dartison
I've used Raidcall. It was ok.

I use Discord for a group of friends. It performs its function well is all I can say.

Still prefer Teamspeak. Have my own server.