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General TV, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. Thread

PostPosted: 02.09.17 6:39pm
by Khyron
I was able to sneak Voltron: Legendary Defender just under the wire in the Anime thread, but I just heard about another series that might not fit in there. Went looking through the MDb for a TV thread and struck out, so thought I'd start one. As always, feel free to freeze or merge this with another thread if one already exists. If not, this could be a thread for everything that you're watching on TV, animated or otherwise.

Anywho, a Castlevania series on Netflix certainly seemed post-worthy. Thoughts? ... showrunner

Re: General TV, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. Thread

PostPosted: 02.09.17 10:19pm
by metroidsuperfan11
I think it might have potential. But overall I've not that big of a castlevania fan so ... don't get me wrong I acknowledge the series has evolved from the point of symphony of the knight onward but until then I don't think I'll have either a high or low opinion of castlevania.

That's all I've got I'm sure others have more

Re: General TV, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. Thread

PostPosted: 02.10.17 2:55am
by Zynux
I hope it's good, but I'm not expecting it to be. My expectations are very low

Re: General TV, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. Thread

PostPosted: 02.28.17 3:23am
by Khyron
On the rare day off I've been binge watching The Wonder Years on Netflix. When that show was first aired I was a year younger than the lead character and so really identified with his daily struggles. The show holds up really well, perhaps because it was set 20 years before then present day. Fun fact: Paul Pfeiffer and Marilyn Manson are not the same person.

Re: General TV, Netflix, Hulu, Etc. Thread

PostPosted: 04.27.17 9:01pm
by Khyron
The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was released on Netflix two weeks ago and I'm on my third episode. Considering I've waited something like 17 years between seasons I figure that I have to pace myself. So far I've enjoyed it, even if there hasn't been a "classic" episode yet like 'Manos' or 'The Final Sacrifice'. If you're at all interested in the series then the new season isn't a bad place to start. There's plenty of 21st century references and, thus far, NO POLITICS. In an era where everyone in the entertainment industry feels the need to show off their ideology (the singular is intentional), this is a huge bonus for me.

Also have two episodes of Fargo saved on the DVR. Loved the movie, LOVED the first season, and really liked the second. I've just been too busy to delve into the new season yet. The next two weeks don't look promising either.