Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

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Re: Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

Postby Apothem » 05.12.14 7:23pm

Point the First: Yeah, that scene sucked.

Point the Second: Yeah, that scene sucked.

Point the Third: ... To each their own. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the voice acting in the game.

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Re: Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

Postby Bomber Bob » 05.16.14 8:55am

So my initial post about Other: M weren't really my impressions about it... Rather just a post ripping it. So, here are my impressions:

I really liked the gameplay; it was one of the greatest games I've played in that regard. I could play it again while skipping the cutscenes ( or at least the dumb Ridley and **SPOILER Sector 0 SPOILER** scenes... All the others are fine.) And while it may be a little odd to play a Metroid with those type of conematics, It's actually pretty fun going through an adventure that brings Samus to life. z:D

I haven't played it in a couple of years, but I remember good enough to say that the controls were great. It's really neat how you swap between perspectives and how fluid it is; they put a lot of work into that, I'm sure.

The recharging of missiles & energy is neat... it reminds me of the Crystal Flash; I can't help but think that's where they got those features from.

I don't remember if you can or not, but it'd be neat if you could toggle abilities on & off - like in Super. But, of coarse I would say that about Corruption and its Beams, as well.

By the way, did you guys see the commercial for it? I saw it during a football game. The quality of the CGI blew me and my family away, and they don't particularly care for Metroid.
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Re: Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

Postby Taelin Aurel » 05.26.14 1:13pm

Alright, I've owned this game for a few years now but had one of those glitchy Wii systems that wouldn't play the game. On the off chance, after having played though part of Prime over the last few weeks, I decided to give MOM another go. After doing the reset trick, lo and behold, it started playing.

My impressions of the game are mixed. I enjoy the game play but I prefer the ability to chose missiles or super missiles just for grins and giggles when toasting a Geemer or whatever without having to point the controller at the screen. While the transitions were smooth, it still was too much of a disruption from the traditional platform style that I like. That said, I LOVED the graphics of the game, especially the beam effects. The operative word that I would use is that they were "purdy."

While I was playing through it, I really enjoyed playing through the story, apart from the orders given by Adam over the radio. After it was finished, however, I felt that there was something lacking from the game overall. It didn't have that same feel of Metroid 1 or SM as far as exploration goes. You know, the whole linearity thing that comes up quite often. Even M2:RoS had more of an exploration feel than this one did, despite the run from one set of ruins to the next. However, as a part of the story, the cutscenes did a good job of increasing the suspense of the game. I'll play it again, just because its a Metroid game, but it ranks toward the middle in my list of favorites.

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Re: Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

Postby Infinity's End » 02.07.16 11:40am

Didn't know where else to post this, figured here was good enough.
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Re: Metroid: Other M -- Impressions!

Postby TheChosenOne » 02.07.16 10:43pm

Didn't know where else to post this, figured here was good enough.
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