Nothing new... but, playlist!

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Nothing new... but, playlist!

Postby Chaotica » 06.05.10 4:35am

Hi Y'all!

I know i'm fairly silent on these forums, but I thought I may as well share my Hi-Res playlist of trailers, footage, art and music that I've ripped for the official websites. ... 89A56FED9F

Hope you enjoy! <3


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Re: Nothing new... but, playlist!

Postby Cryptid10 » 12.08.14 12:12am

I've actually been doing something like this. It's a collection of the many fan videos on youtube I found. I tried to organize them from music, to parodies, to more serious ones. I add on to it whenever I find something new. ... Qa7GmmfRJz :X:
Samau5 - "For Lack of a Federation Platoon"
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