What the name "Other M" stood for *SPOILERS NATURALLY*

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Re: What the name "Other M" stood for *SPOILERS NATURALLY*

Postby ultraviolet » 12.01.13 4:48pm

He so unimportant he died and nobody cared. >.>
I cared... but I didn't see his face so I wasn't sure at the time. That was one of the most disturbing kills I ever saw: just BANG! Kick the poor guy into the lava, never to be found. Even his status bothers the hell out of me. No closure, and yet we know - I kinda liked that as a story device. Poor K.G. or Keiji - RIP, man. >_>
Gigantic, overwhelmingly powerful, impossible to beat villain? I think everyone but Samus Aran would just run.

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Re: What the name "Other M" stood for *SPOILERS NATURALLY*

Postby The Worm » 05.05.14 6:26pm

It's an anagram for Mother. The entire theme of the game is "Motherhood." This is rammed down your throat the entire game.
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