Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

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Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby ultraviolet » 12.01.13 4:16pm

Today this site turns another year old, but right now I can't help admitting that my feelings are a little more than bittersweet. I'm very proud to still be a part of the forerunner site of the online Metroid fan community, but lately it's been very difficult to stay motivated - and I'm fairly certain my colleagues are in the same boat. Beyond the series' cloudy future, for some reason the internet will not let go of its ridiculous grudge against Other M. It's quite tiresome, and I bore of hearing the same petty arguments mixed with the same petty reasoning for the past 3 years. Other M has come and gone. It's something you'll all have to live with. Stating the obvious here, but if there's anything I would want you to take away from the public reception of Other M it's that video games are not real life. Don't let it piss on your parade. There's a lot worse things to get upset over than the poorly-written plot of a video game. Furthermore, it isn't anyone's "fault." Last I checked, video games like Other M are made by a team of people. No one deserves to be demonized. Is it sensible, worthwhile, or productive to disrespect an artist for the art they create? In my opinion, doing so is little more than advertising your own ignorance, inexperience, immaturity, and your inability to cope with what is presented regardless of the art's completely subjective quality. In short: get over it.
Not sure if I've managed to paste Infinity's quote above right, hope I did (I've never quoted before). Can I just say: right now, you are my hero, sir! I've been guilty about being over-enthusiastic about it and ended up upsetting people, so I accept that - and for the longest time, the reaction I got kinda ruined it for me because that's all I kept thinking back to when I play it. I also read the thread marked 'Too much negativity' and thought it'd be a great idea (hopefully) to get people talking about what they enjoy about it for a change because you're right: a game isn't real life and god knows I couldn't do any better if I were put in charge ;) The same goes for all of us I think.

Because I am over-enthusiastic about this game, I'll just drop in from time to time with something else instead of writing an essay. So here goes: item 1 on my 'Enjoyed' list:

Samus Aran:

I started with Metroid back in '98 when a friend gave me Super - god knows why he wasn't bothered about it, but his loss; this made Super my first and favourite. I remember getting my ass handed to me and seeing the suit explode, showing Samus was a woman - I was shocked, but proud that Samus isn't a copypasta hero and became fascinated by her. I spent years through the games wondering what must go on behind the visor: what makes someone who could just up and fly away stay behind and risk their life for the greater good? Anyone else would've just shrugged and left the planet. That's my idea of her: courageous and strong, but I always hoped she would be human with it - like she would fight, but that doesn't mean she never gets scared; that's what I saw in Other M. Samus Aran is a soldier, but also not afraid to be a woman - her character written just as I'd hoped she would be. The Ridley bit was over-the-top but so's Snatcher and I enjoyed that too. I know a lot of the game is monologue - but that wasn't a problem to me, nor was her detached tone (it didn't spoil Max Payne for me, either) because as Jessica Martin said herself: "She's looking back to past events, and so she is very much detached" - it would be a little weird to be very emotive about something that happened in the past, mentioned in passing. One time she does though, and I haven't known anyone to notice it before: her 'young and naive' speech - maybe it's me, but I sense a lot of regret in her voice when she talks about who she used to be. I could go on, but I also love her detective mind: not quite understanding what is going on, but trying her best to piece it together - it put me in mind of Kyle Hyde when he summarises the events of the chapter, or Poirot stepping ever closer to the solution. The Deleter thing wasn't solved in a theatrical speech by the villain or anything, it just stops cold - we didn't need our hands holded for us to work out who it was, and it was just left there; that affected me more because you rarely get closure in real life either.

I really couldn't imagine anyone other than Jessica Martin playing Samus in the future, and if there were I would probably still enjoy it but I would totally be heart-broken because her voice is what I heard from as far back as Fusion. I can't compliment her character enough - things happened, things weren't resolved, she never really had time to agonise about things. Like Adam's death - I've lost loved ones and also been numb about it, unable to just cry or get upset - that always came later. I'll end there saying Samus Aran couldn't be more human. I also like the heels ;)

...Not to say my interpretation of her is 100% or anything - my experience in the games and life led me to that; it's bound to be different to everyone else's. But that's 'my' Sammy. Wonder what everyone else's is like...

Sorry, short essay. I get carried away, but I enjoy stuff :D
Gigantic, overwhelmingly powerful, impossible to beat villain? I think everyone but Samus Aran would just run.


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Re: Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby HYRUL3 » 12.01.13 6:00pm

The post game section. Running around to get all the items and fighting Phantoon. That was awesome.
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Re: Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby okey » 12.02.13 12:13pm

Getting to use the space jump and speed booster in 3d was neat.


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Re: Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby Xerkxes » 12.02.13 2:01pm

Could have done a little better with it though.

with the enclosed environments we could have gotten the 2D space jump in 3D glory, however they were lazy and instead of building the game to match the ability, they limited the ability so it can't gain any vertical height after the second jump.

I would have liked to have seen shine spark puzzles, but I still definitely liked it.


somethings I actually liked

Concentration: needs a little rebalancing, but I like it over monster farming, or "hand outs" you got during boss fights.

Increased beam velocity: beam upgrades also notably ups the velocity of the beams, to the point the plasma beam whips across the screen.

Hurdles: In fusion and Zero mission, to prevent use of the speed booster you'd have to jump over objects, Other M has a nice auto-hurdle ability that prevents the speed boost, but without really cutting your speed by jumping.

Seamless morphball transformation: no need to do special tricks, doesn't brake momentum to go in and out

A lot of little gameplay aspects really.
would have love to see it with a better controller.
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Re: Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby okey » 12.03.13 8:46pm

For a Team Ninja game, the camera was actually pretty good.


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Re: Other M - What did you enjoy most about it?

Postby Apothem » 12.03.13 10:29pm

I am by no means a fan of the game but credit where it's due: Samus' sense of agility. She's always been pretty limber in motion but Team Ninja made her nimble in battle and that's not something you see a heavily armored walking arsenal be everyday. The combat, much as everything else about the game, has it's issues but being able to dart around, toss enemies about, and clamber all over them was genuinely entertaining. She's never been that energetic outside of Smash Brothers.

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