Other M: Canonically impossible?

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Re: Other M: Canonically impossible?

Postby Xerkxes » 04.26.14 2:48pm

Based on the fact that when Samus Aran activates Space Jump, Screw Attack also is activated, why would anyone think that Adam would authorize a flying buzz saw against an enemy that was way too close to Anthony considering what he said about Power Bomb use earlier? He authorizes Grapple Beam use as soon as both he and Samus see the grapple point. There's nothing more to read into that.
Unless, you know she just activate them seperately, in all the main metroids prior they've been totally separate entities. The only time they were the same was the prime version, which just altitude wise wouldn't have helped here, since prime Samus jumps lower and the screw attack gives no extra height in that game. Though to be honest I don't know if the Other M space jump would have helped either, while it does give more height after the first jump, not sure if it's high enough for the situation.

There's also the high jump boots. Bare in mind, Samus has all upgrades from the previous game, she just didn't use them all in this game.
Example, X-ray scope was even an item they planned to use, but was cut due to time constraints.

Though there really isn't anything to read into. An extremely minor, common game progression logic issue, even the best/popular of games have moments like "uh... why didn't you just [...]?"
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Re: Other M: Canonically impossible?

Postby KazerBeam » 04.27.14 3:17am

Look, let's just agree that the Space Jump and Screw Attack can't be activated separately in Other M. You guys came really close to making Other M canon, so be careful.
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