Could Other M have worked as a character action game?

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Could Other M have worked as a character action game?

Postby okey » 01.09.14 6:30pm

Everyone knows the story by now: Sakamoto wanted Other M to be 2D. Team Ninja wanted 3D. The end result was a mess.

People like to speculate on how Other M might have been more successful if it were a 2D game. They're probably right, but that's not what this thread is about. Let's speculate about something really stupid instead:

What if the developers went full-on Ninja Gaiden? What if Other M were a straight up character action game where you happened to play as Samus? A difficult (ie Ninja Gaiden Black-hard) complicated (no single wiimote) action game, not the weird hybrid they ended up with? What if it were something that gave no shits about appealing to casual gamers or playing like a traditional Metroid game?

Could a character like Samus even work in a game like that? Would the wii-mote have even been viable for an action game? Would it have bombed even harder than Other M did?


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Re: Could Other M have worked as a character action game?

Postby Xerkxes » 01.09.14 7:56pm

Other M's biggest weakness was the aweful, flawed story that kind of kicks the rest of the series in the teeth.

Could Samus work in a game like that? maybe, but as portrayed in Other M and retained the same story it probably would "still bomb" (despite it not having done all THAT bad in sales)

Could it have been a pure action game? probably. no real reason why it can't, the only thing it need to do is play well, get good advertisement and marketing, and anything could work well.

Could they just use the Wiimote? probably not, too limiting. maybe with the nunchuck.
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