Metroid Prime is not canon in Sakamoto's Metroid

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Re: Metroid Prime is not canon in Sakamoto's Metroid

Postby Lord Immortallix » 07.20.14 6:36pm

Sakamoto is probably drunk on energy tanks.
If I ever do anything in the business world ever, I am going to make this a thing.
Energy Tank energy drinks.
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Re: Metroid Prime is not canon in Sakamoto's Metroid

Postby Meta Ridley » 08.21.14 6:43am

Regarding this topic, I really don't want the series to become that weird 'alternate timeline/dimensional' crap Zelda and Spider Man are pulling. Each of Samus' adventures mean something and it would be a huge insult to the series by wiping everything and making her story from scratch. In Zelda it's semi-acceptable because people stopped trying to understand it and just play the games where you are green Marth who saves princess and kills Ms. Piggy at the end.
Spider Man, I feel, not so much. He has 50 different origin stories and weird alternate universe canons where any information can contradict the other unless you state specifically which you are talking about.
Metroid is something more than that though. Its story needs to stay in place. I'm okay with updates like Zero Mission was to Metroid (NES). In fact, I would like more of that so things can be clarified. When I played Metroid I didn't know what was going on and I got lost. I didn't know why I was fighting the pixels I was fighting. When I played Zero Mission everything felt right and explained without the need for words even. Based on the results of my actions, things happened, and I learned. I would love to play an updated version of Metroid II with enhanced gameplay, graphics, and other mechanics but that's ultimately not what this is really about.
Something I feel that is far worst than retconning is making alternate universes or timelines just so shit can be swept under the rug. Not that I like the idea of retcons of course. As much as nobody really likes it, Other M is canon and so is Prime. Each game brought something to us and helped us get to know Samus a little better and what she can do. If anything, more games LIKE Other M where past events were explained or elaborated on are great ideas but it just so happens Other M didn't appeal to the people because it was a radical change of Samus' character that everyone had a perception of. I think a nice start would be explaining why I didn't start Echoes out with the Wave/Ice/Plasma beams, Power Bombs, Gravity Suit, and other fun gadgets Samus has. Small holes like that, while not needing to be, would be nice to see filled. Scanning was also a big deal in the Primes and taught us a lot about the lore of Metroid's various alien races such as the Luminoth, Bryyonians, Chozo, Space Pirates, and more.

Keep Metroid all under the same universe and in an order. No retcons or alternate universes/stories plz leave that to the fans.


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Re: Metroid Prime is not canon in Sakamoto's Metroid

Postby PhaazeWillRiseAgain » 10.04.15 10:53am

Sakamoto isn't canon in my Metroid.

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