looking for some interesting shinesparks you got any?

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looking for some interesting shinesparks you got any?

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 05.23.14 3:08pm

fast, useful, looks cool, creative shines

okay basically what I'm asking is if you know about any interesting shinespark's in other m I know a few but not to many and I get the feeling that I haven't found all of them yet here are the one's I've found
1: the location where you first get the SpeedBooster ShineSpark combo at the end of the hallway when you get outside there a spark you can do left that sends you over all the terrian it's a speed trick that saves a lot of time
2: a shinespark you can do upward in sector 2 it lets you get a missile tank early it's in the room where you get the wave beam go left if the room has had the avalanch happen already you need the grapple beam to get it
3: a shinespark in sector 1 that sends you up and allows you to get an energy part early (where you first fight those tree monster's don't know their names) the game wants you to activate a beam switch which raises some platforms but that's far to slow and the platforms are a bit to glitchy for my taste
4: there are two sparks either coming to or from the volcano in sector 3 that save a lot of time (you can spacejump but na that takes to long)

there are a couple of more but I don't know how to explain their location so this is all I can at least say to you

and that's where you come in do you have any interesting shinesparks any useful, fast, cool looking or creative shines

please leave any not listed above below if you have any

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