Jessica Martin's Voice Acting.

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Jessica Martin's Voice Acting.

Postby KazerBeam » 10.07.14 11:59pm

Can't believe I'm doing this...

I want to get one thing straight as far as I am aware. A lot of people I've spoken to have mentioned that Jessica's voice acting was terrible in Other M. As far as I know, THIS WAS INTENDED. Well, not the actual awfulness, but the monotony. In Japan, this was seen as a quality of a STRONG WOMAN. It just didn't translate well into our culture of movies/games.

Look, I admit I'm a hater, I just think other things should be spoken about.
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Re: Jessica Martin's Voice Acting.

Postby Emperor Ing » 10.08.14 12:45am

Three years too late. VA sucked. Moving on.
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Re: Jessica Martin's Voice Acting.

Postby Zynux » 10.08.14 12:49am

Most that were informed in the Other M controversy are well aware that the problem with Samus' voice was less Jessica and more Sakamoto's direction wanting the voice to be like that. At the end of the day, Jessica did her job 100%.

Unfortunately, this doesn't change much though. Whether because of incompetence or bad direction (in this case, obviously bad direction) doesn't change the opinion that the performance of Samus' voice in Other M left a lot of to be desired and the director trying to dictate a voice of a language he's not familiar with is generally asinine.
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Re: Jessica Martin's Voice Acting.

Postby Doc Scratch » 10.08.14 11:23am

Jessica Martin did decent voice acting in the scenes where Samus actually had to emote (Like in the Ian flashback). Her problem, as said many times, was the direction. Some voice actors can do an emotionless performance well, but Jessica Martin wasn't one of them and the inane writing didn't help matters.

The voice-acting in general in Other M had poor direction. Adam had just as little emotion as Samus, Anthony piled on too much cheese, and Melissa's more robotic voice in the final cutscene sounded like a parody. These aren't issues with the voice actors, they just had really shitty writing and bizarre directing.

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