Another game in the style of Other M (Just good this time)?

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Another game in the style of Other M (Just good this time)?

Postby Viola » 06.14.15 7:39am

I was curious to know something: would you be interested in another game made in the style of Other M?
Where with "the style of Other M" I mean a third person game with a heavier emphasis on story and characterization.

While Other M has been pretty much a massive failure, and mainly for how horribly bad story and characterization were, I think that as a concept it had a lot of potential that got unfortunately wasted by really bad writing and slightly subpar gameplay. Really: take Other M and give it better writing and better characterization and you would have solved many of the problems people had with the game (lack of exploration aside), and it certainly wouldn't have received all the hate it got.

I, for one, would be very interested in seeing Samus' character being properly fleshed out, and have a story that give more time to explain how the Metroid Universe works. The problem of course is that after the poor sales of Other M Nintendo might decide to stay away from this kind of style, which would be a pity considering that, at its core, Other M was just a very poorly executed good idea. If done right that game had the opportunity to be awesome.

So, what's your opinion?


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Re: Another game in the style of Other M (Just good this tim

Postby Xerkxes » 06.14.15 2:08pm

+1 vote

Nyeah, I completely agree with you.

I've joked a few times that just redoing the dialogue could partial save-face for the game, even thought about writing a fan-script and dubbing over the original game to see if I could manage something better.
The laziness in me prevents me from doing so, but bleh. maybe one day.
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Re: Another game in the style of Other M (Just good this tim

Postby Zynux » 06.14.15 5:17pm

The gameplay itself has a solid base for..something.

Further expanded could provide something interesting. A better control scheme compared to what the Wii offered would definitely help.
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Re: Another game in the style of Other M (Just good this tim

Postby Apothem » 06.14.15 7:20pm

I've said numerous times before that if Team Ninja had been allowed to incorporate the Nunchuck it'd have solved most of the games mechanical problems. Include the Scan Visor to fix the pixel hunts - and just in general because it's an awesome environmental narrative device - and tone down on the bullet spongy enemies and you'd have a solid third-person action game. No authorization system, of course, but that should go without saying. I've also mentioned I'd love to see the series further expanded narratively as well, however most developers have no idea how to script a videogame, so that's always going to be a crapshoot.

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