"Any Objections, Lady?"

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"Any Objections, Lady?"

Postby Liz Lemon » 02.27.16 7:05pm

I was just wondering how Adam's line "Any objections, Lady?" and his use of the nickname "Lady" in general came across in Japanese. I think that, depending upon how it is used, "Lady" can have a few different connotations in English. Does anyone know what he says in Japanese and roughly what kind of connotation that would translate to in English? For instance, I've heard the Japanese version always referred to the Metroid Hatchling as the baby, but in English we tend to call it a hatchling or larva.

So any ideas about Lady? I remember thinking that in Fusion it sounded cute and almost a little flirty, but in Other M, it comes off totally different.

I apologize if this has already been discussed. I have not come across it anywhere.

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