So I decided to rewrite the scenario of Other M

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So I decided to rewrite the scenario of Other M

Postby BlueLightning64 » 02.07.17 10:10pm

Because Other M had some decent ideas, but executed them horribly, I though up a fun little exercise: rewrite the story of Other M while still keeping most elements intact. I ended up making this as a rough concept. It rambles quite a bit and covers a couple details outside of story, but I can always refine. Any thoughts?

Following the events of Super Metroid, Samus gets her next assignment from the Galactic Federation: assist in identifying the traitor known as the Deleter. It's revealed that her commander for this mission is actually Adam Malkovich, her former commander from her early GF days. Though initially frustrated at Samus's leave years ago, they nonetheless resume a similar working relationship as before, Adam finishing his exposition dump with his classic line "Any objections, Lady?" Samus unfortunately is incapable of using much of her weaponry on the part of the Bottle Ship's security protocols disabling most weaponry. Samus starts with the standard charge beam and morph ball, but all her other systems are jammed. Adam has a team member begin disabling and modifying the ship's security to assist Samus and restore her powers when possible (as usual, Samus doesn't regain Varia Suit until partway through Pyrosphere, but at least it makes sense. Power bombs are unlocked early, but are unusable due to Adam's fear of one of his men being accidentally caught by a misplaced power bomb.).

Adam explains that the crew of the Bottle Ship had mysteriously disappeared, with only footage of an unknown Federation Trooper as evidence. Among the few survivors are Madeline Brigman, the chief science officer aboard the craft. She's done some shady experiments but that isn't relevant yet.

During the investigation, Samus comes across a small, mysterious creature that develops into a clone of the fearsome Space Pirate general, Ridley. It turns out the mysterious trooper released the baby Ridley to kill off the troopers within the ship, but the corpse of said trooper is found shortly after. Samus almost is defeated by her reborn nemesis, but the GF platoon comes to her rescue. Following mysterious explosions in the room, Samus and Adam are separated from the rest of the team and are forced to go into Sector Zero to escape. Sector Zero, however, is revealed to contain genetically modified Metroid clones impervious to ice. After a brief stealth segment, Samus is confronted by an Omega Metroid near the exit. After failing to hold the Metroid back, Adam forces Samus to run while he activates Sector Zero's failsafe self-destruct, sacrificing himself in the process.

Samus returns to the survivors to deliver the bad news when suddenly Madeline begins acting suspiciously. The crew discovers that Madeline had actually died in the massacre before their arrival, and the Madeline before them was a shapeshifting Federation android (subtly modeled after Gandrayda from MP3) being controlled by a rogue AI based on Mother Brain- an attempted successor to the Aurora units. Immediately, MB calls a lockdown and sets the self-destruct sequence.

MB is fought similarly to Gandrayda, switching through the forms of various enemies and bosses to attack, (hence the visual reference) and ultimately turns into a Queen Metroid before being Power Bombed from the inside. The remains transform into Mother Brain's original form, though weakened, and is easily defeated, collapsing and crumbling to dust just like in Super Metroid. The hacker finally removes the lockdown and the team barely escapes in time. Samus ponders the ethics of the Federation's research programs and resolves to confront them about using Metroids as the credits roll.
A small speck is also seen flying off as the station explodes, hinting as a possible return of MB in a different form (game after Fusion using this idea by revealing that MB had actually created a second Ridley clone based on the Federation one, and modified him to be even more lethal).

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