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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby Weeeooojr » 07.05.13 8:39am

Some guy on a forum bought a ton of stuff from a retired Nintendo employee and is selling the stuff off. He's got a lot of buttons at $5 each which is what I paid...I don't know if that's a lot or not, but I just want to start building my collection and I haven't seen these buttons before.
I can find the link if you're interested. He's got a lot of LoZ stuff as well.

Also, is this pin rare or anything (the Samus one)? Just wondering if I wearing it would be a really bad idea...(aside from the fact that it's recalled due to high lead content...would the less lead replacement be worth more or less than the original? Not sure if sending it back for a replacement is worth it.)



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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby Weeeooojr » 07.12.13 4:37pm

If anyone is interested in this Super Metroid pin, this guy is selling it for $8 + shipping. Don't know if this is a good deal or not, but he wouldn't ship it to me in Canada anyways... :( ... 4.html#new


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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby TheAccursedHunter01 » 09.24.13 12:53am

For the next 24 hours you can buy a T-Shirt/poster/iPhone cover of this Metroid and Pacific Rim crossover called Pacific Hunt, price depends on what you want, here's the link: ... 2BFB%2BAds

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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby Infinity's End » 01.22.14 9:06pm

So what do you say, guys... think this is real? ... 2ecdf22296

EDIT: yeah it's real. :facepalm: not worth $1700, but it's legit merch... and did someone at NP really sign and frame them back in the day?
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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby VGMStudios » 01.22.14 9:57pm

No they weren't framed. These are from the Nintendo Power catalog (remember those ??) Only a handful were made, 2,000 produced back in '94.
It is definitely NOT worth his asking price, but Ive seen them go for $500. I think he is factoring in the frame and all the work he's put into it.
Still not for the asking price though.

NP DID sell non-signed ones as well. Though it was only through special request.

VGM out...
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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby HYRUL3 » 01.23.14 6:51am

Lol. In a world with $20 frames at Wal Mart is this guy nuts?

Definitely not worth the asking price. Not even sure the $500 VGM mentioned would be worth it.

But thats just me.

I'm in a new apartment so this kind of thing would be great for my walls... oh well. On to other posters I guess.
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Re: Metroid Auctions/For Sale Thread

Postby CapCom » 02.16.14 4:02pm

Having just got stuff framed...

Frames can be expensive, but not $1200 expensive if you know what you're doing. Pre-fab ones can be had for about $20-$60 depending on size and quality.

For a poster like this, I'd get it custom - certainly not buy a cheap one. My rule of thumb is to spend not too much more than the cost of the original print (i.e. why buy a $200 frame for a $35 print?). These posters are collector's items, so you can be justified in spending $300 on a frame done professionally (although you really should wait to get it done on sale).

Since the matte isn't perfectly rectangular, he either did it himself or didn't give good instructions.

In either case, the print itself might be about $500 (not sure what you got yours for, VGM), and you can add another $200 - $300 for the frame. He was basically overcharging by at least $1000. Maybe if it was like #10 or something it could go higher.
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