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Re: Metroid Swag Alerts

Postby Zevroid » 02.22.17 11:41pm

Here s a better picture than the one Ie showed. This one is fully painted metallic colours.
Looks really good.
Vgm out...
It's beautiful. It's everything I've ever wanted out of Metroid merchandise.

But I can't have it. Because I have no money. Also because it's not released yet. But mostly the money thing.


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Re: Metroid Swag Alerts

Postby VGMStudios » 02.24.17 8:52pm

Well you have time to save up for it no?
It is beautiful, its almost perfect.

VGM out...
Super Metroid, the most perfect game ever created! Period!


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Re: Metroid Swag Alerts

Postby Khyron » 06.09.17 10:44pm

Really cool wooden Metroid. This same guy makes a Screw attack sign and a Majora's mask that is just SICK! ... gallery_18

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Re: Metroid Swag Alerts

Postby The Illustrative Man » 06.13.17 2:39pm

I had failed to even think about doing something like this - I have access to all the necessary tools. Maybe I will have time later this summer.

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