Whats your favorite metroid enemy?

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Re: Whats your favorite metroid enemy?

Postby Tuhlohr » 06.13.16 9:12pm

Metroid 1: Mother Brain.
Metroid 2: Haven't finished this one so i can't say.
Super Metroid: Draygon.
Metroid Fusion: Serris.
Zero Mission: Mecha Ridley
Metroid Prime: The adult Shegoth.
Metroid Prime 2: Warrior Ing
Metroid Prime 3: Ridley Both versions, i guess. I like Meta Ridley design more in this game than the Omega design, but i like the Omega Ridley battle more than the Meta Ridley one.

Shade Nightclaw

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Re: Whats your favorite metroid enemy?

Postby Shade Nightclaw » 01.31.17 10:53am

Dark Samus because she is as powerful as Samus and Sylux because he or she ( gender has not been reveled yet) is one of the only strong Metroid antagonists to not only fight Samus but survive, plus you keep seeing them reappear in various endings so there's a chance they will be a main antagonist in a future game.


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Re: Whats your favorite metroid enemy?

Postby Narpas_Sword » 02.07.17 9:55am

Quadraxis. Because of the different stages in the fight and because of having to use different techniques to fight him. And he's a giant robot.

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Re: Whats your favorite metroid enemy?

Postby steve smith » 04.02.17 11:56pm

Hello everyone
No metroid enemy still because i started to play now.i am also new to the forum community.
best regards
steve smith
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