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Metroid Music

Postby Sylux » 02.09.08 8:15pm

Say your favorite music track from any game in the series, sidescroll or 3D.

Mine is the Norfair remix from Zero Mission.


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Postby HW » 02.09.08 9:06pm

I don't really have a favorite song directly from the game. >.> I find that the majority of musical pieces found in video games are composed just right to optimize the experience of playing the game. Outside of the game, I don't quite enjoy them as much.

I do like Stemage's project, Metroid Metal, though. My favorite track in that would have to be... either "Lower Norfair" or "Space Pirates."

Oh... and I suppose I did particularly like the song it played the first time you fight Dark Samus in Echoes.
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Postby RedMage » 02.09.08 9:19pm

I liked SM crateria music in the Begining bloody scary.


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Postby CptTuke » 02.10.08 2:00am

The tunnel-y theme from Metroid II is top of my list, mostly because Metroid II was the first Metroid I played, but also because it's catchy and really gets stuck in my head easily.

Second is the music from Red Brinstar in SM. I used to connect my SNES to my stereo and just let it loop for a couple hours while I went about my business. Good times.


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Postby Zorum » 03.24.08 6:28pm

OoOoOoO hard choice but I'd have to say the prologue music of Super Metroid. The background in that song is magnificent!! *resists posting other songs from SM that are good*

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Postby Silver Skree » 03.24.08 7:08pm

MP3 credits. don't know why. i know people's complaints about the synthetic voices. i can't explain it. i just love it. PHAZON IS DEAD! w00t!


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Postby sharonlover » 03.24.08 7:27pm

Ending Theme Super Metroid

That part at the end of the credits when the music goes silent and you get the tinging sounds followed by the trumpet sends a shiver of goodness through my spine and reminds me that I just beat the game ^_^
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Postby Kraid Raid » 03.25.08 12:21pm

Kraid's Theme from the original Metroid, followed closely by Lower Norfair from Super Metroid.



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Postby Naner » 03.26.08 5:16pm

Brinstar. The classic Brinstar song. It was the first Metroid song I ever heard! Followed closely by Ridley's Theme.
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Postby Pirate_Commander » 05.11.08 12:10am

"Enemy Encounter" from Corruption.


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Postby Sub-zero » 05.11.08 4:30am

Norfair theme from Super metroid and vs Ridley in Prime
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Postby ProjectLeaderGuy » 05.11.08 4:44am

Anything from Metroid 1, it's all genius, no point in picking one piece over the other. On strictly musical terms this is the most inspired and original music ever made for a video game. Really these timeless themes belong with greats like Tchaikovsky.

Metroid 2, this game has some unusually avante-garde compositional techniques at work including complicated cross rhythms, odd tempo shifts, heavy chromaticism, and masterful use of silence. It also has a lot of motivic development; most of the pieces are based on the first five notes of the tunnel theme. It really creates an amazing atmosphere overall. It's hard to believe a mainstream game was made with such an unconventional soundtrack...

SM, the most effective pure 'soundtrack' in the series. It proves that music doesn't have to be boring and generic to be a soundtrack and still blend in seamlessly. The very end of the ending theme (the creepy item music variation followed by the intro music coming back) is chilling. The two Maridia themes are probably the strongest writing in the game. There really isn't a weak spot anywhere in this soundtrack. Playing this game is like a masterclass on what an effective soundtrack should be.


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Postby Komodo_Zero » 05.11.08 1:44pm

In terms of the sidescrollers, Theme of Samus from Super Metroid is my favourite. It's the song I almost instantly hear in my head about when I think about Metroid.

For the 3D games, I have to say either Phendrana Drifts or Metroid Prime Core.


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Postby Naner » 05.11.08 2:33pm

You mean the one from Crateria, right?
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Postby Emperor Ing » 05.11.08 2:54pm

NES Norfair, and the ZM remake.

I like MP2 title screen.

As well as Dark Samus theme and all its permutations.

Rundas, k?

Maridia flute version.
Green Brinstar. Rockin'.
The Ending theme/prelude to Super MEtroid. Apparently it is the Galctic Federation theme now.

Torvus Bog, Phendrana 1 and 2, Omega Pirate, Chykka Adult, and GANDRAYDA, ENOUGH!
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