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Re: Metroid Music

Postby TheChosenOne » 07.28.17 9:48pm

Sam did my all-time-favorite Metroid piece (Beyond the Glass). Interesting that it was not included in this album, but I am glad my attention was called to it none the less. I just wish Amazon would release a UWP app.
I think the idea was for this to be the envisioning of what the soundtrack to a Metroid movie might sound like. "Beyond the Glass" uses its own musical structure that doesn't quite match the structure of the rest of the album, so that's probably why it and his other remixes were omitted. Though I suppose we could always ask.
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Re: Metroid Music

Postby VGMStudios » 08.24.17 12:57pm

So I just listened to at least 21 tracks from Federation Force including the title screen and I know ppl harp on the game but man, what a boring, uninspiring, unimaginative, generic OST! While listening to it, my mind does not think Metroid at all. Some of the piece sound like they belong to Turok, Star Fox or even Star Wars!!

I was hoping that the music would be at least some what good, but I just kept falling asleep while listening to it. Heck the title screen is so generic that it doesn't make me feel that I want to ever play this game (yes I have a copy sealed). Very generic movie music.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what tack is actually good? Not to sound rude but its no wonder it sounds awful, it not even composed by any of the original Metroid composers and why do none of the sound tracks have names? I am fairly disapointed with this OST. What the hell were they thinking? :thumbsdown:

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Re: Metroid Music

Postby TheHeroOfMinish » 09.22.17 2:10am

Ridleys theme in Other M because the originals already amazing but this composition just rocks and it's a shame that it's paired with an underwhelming fight


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Re: Metroid Music

Postby Zynux » 09.22.17 9:06pm

Yep, Other M's rendition of the Ridley theme is by far the best. The problem with the past themes is that they always felt like it was missing something and such came off as a bit short and repetitive, but Other M's version generally irons out those issues. It will take a while to top it.
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