How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

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Re: How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

Postby EpicWolfOfDarkness » 03.19.14 2:24pm

In reply to Metroid Man: I'm about halfway through Metroid II and will probably start playing Super Metroid soon. :)

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Re: How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

Postby Bomber Bob » 05.12.14 2:48am

Around the age of 13, I saw a Metroid Prime demo video playing at a game store. I told my parents that it captivated me.

I had never asked for the game, but at Christmas the same year I received it - my first Metroid game.

I was hooked from then-on.

I now own each Prime (save for the Trilogy box), Metroid (Both the NES cartridge and the virtual Wii game), Super Metroid (Virtual Wii game), and Other: M.
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I have 8/11 Metroids... Just 3 more to go.


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Re: How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

Postby gbf2000 » 01.08.15 6:26am

I was playing SSBB with my friends and one of them chose Samus (at that time I didn't know she was a "she") and then he got the smash ball, and after using the final smash it turned into zero suit Samus, and everyone was like "wow Samus is a girl? O_O " then i searched for more about Metroid and I finally got my first Metroid game, Super Metroid. And I loved it! <3
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Re: How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

Postby Xandalf » 06.22.15 2:09pm

I would like to explain how I found out about Metroid, but I was probably too young to remember correctly. I'll just say I knew Metroid as long as I remember :).


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Re: How Did Metroid Come Into Your Life?

Postby Narpas_Sword » 02.07.17 10:27am

My neighbor had a Nintendo with Super Mario Bros, Double Dragon 2 and Metroid to start. From time to time he wanted to play Metroid. I hated it. It was difficult, dark and only one-player. Years later I read a review about Super Metroid in a videogame magazine. It was a 10 out of 10. Since I had a SNES and I found the game for cheap, I bought it and played it. It's my favorite game of all times since then. I've played and finished it over 20 times (not counting all the wonderful hacks that exist). About 3 hrs for 100%. 1 hr 50 min for any%. Not really fast, but I'm not a speed runner.

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