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2D Metroid Petition

Postby superhuman7 » 10.07.16 2:16pm


I know this has been done in the past without much luck, but I have made a petition in the hopes of getting Nintendo's attention to finally make a real 2D Metroid game like people have been wanting. Please sign and share this petition around to build support.

https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-make- ... m=copyLink


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Re: 2D Metroid Petition

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 10.08.16 7:44pm

I want metroid dread too and I'm not saying never use petitions for anything ever or that they've never achieved anything quite the opposite but some things must flow naturally. I'll give 2 examples of bad petitions and there effects/messages it presents. Danny phantom was given a 3rd season because of a petition (I was a reasonable fan of the series I enjoyed it you might not/not even have watched it) I knew it needed to end but the petition went through and the 3rd season was just awful. metroid prime federation force had a petition and while it did not go through it sent a clear message that fans were pissed off and metroid is a minority fanbase so we just got lucky but if it did go through they could have scrapped metroid all together due to fear of backlash or keep a new great metroid game on an eternal shelf of fear and safety ... right next to half life 3 (look up the truth it's literally out there).

Secondly I'd like to say that I have nothing against 2D metroid in fact I love it like I do the prime trilogy but I think something like this if passed could more likely than not create a game that a majority asked for in all truth but it turning out to to be not what they expected ie. a bad game.

Lastly and again don't be discouraged from petitions in the future I get where this is coming from but maybe this one isn't such a good idea I'm sure there are more examples out there.

Have a good day, This is me signing off because I'm tired.


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Re: 2D Metroid Petition

Postby Lolman » 01.02.17 3:01pm

Go to the Switch trailer video and brigade them with comment asking for this.

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