Next game 2D vs 3D vs other m style

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Next game 2D vs 3D vs other m style

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 10.22.16 9:40am

2D vs 3D vs other m style

which would you rather have for the next big metroid game?

Also if you have a reason/s please say so


well I'd love for a sequel to fusion aka dread so ... whatever form that game is in thats the one I want I mean come on we've been waiting for that game longer than fzero fans have been waiting for a real fzero game thats ... a long time.


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Re: Next game 2D vs 3D vs other m style

Postby Zynux » 10.22.16 7:48pm

Both 2D and 3D (prime) is tried and true. 2D is fast and slick, 3D is a bit slow but allows for more atmospheric exploration. Other M has a solid framework that i wouldn't mind being revisited in the future (but a slightly different direction). For the next game I would like to see them tackle 2D again.
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