If Samus grew up on Zebes...

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If Samus grew up on Zebes...

Postby sith » 11.02.16 8:46pm

why didn't the Federation know that the Space Pirates had their base on Zebes until after the Space Pirates stole Metroids from the Federation? The manual for Metroid 1/Zero Mission says the Federation found the Space Pirates on Zebes after a long search, yet the Zero Mission manual and intro (and the manga if you think it's canon) say that Samus grew up on Zebes.


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Re: If Samus grew up on Zebes...

Postby Rustedsoda » 11.11.16 5:40pm

The manga also makes it abundantly clear that the federation was aware of the Pirate assault on Zebes and even offered assistance. Whatever occurred, I guess they didn't think the pirates would *stay* there, especially if they did check up on it and found nothing out of place since the Chozo evacuated.


Consider Super Metroid, when you first arrive on Zebes. everything is dark, no enemies... without powerups, Samus can't do much but climb down into a little nook of Brinstar, so imagine being a federation patrol force: you might not realize it, but pirates are all around you: they're just silently watching, waiting for you to finally go away. Otherwise their cover would be blown. Feds aren't going to see much of the planet at all anyway, and generally assume "ok this place is dead, let's go"

(keep in mind the pirates were after all able to use it a second time without Samus even noticing)

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