How strong is Samus' Ship

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How strong is Samus' Ship

Postby superhuman7 » 11.11.16 1:19pm

Anyone else wonder how powerful Samus' Gunship is? Like you barely ever see it fight and it crashes a it makes you wonder. Especially as in most games it looks similar to her power suit (but maybe that is just cosmetic.)


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Re: How strong is Samus' Ship

Postby Zynux » 11.11.16 9:02pm

Yeah it gets shot down by Pirate ships in Zero Mission, and Ghor smacking it over and over in Prime 3 could damage it well enough it seems. Either it's not that strong or the enemy technology is quite great
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Re: How strong is Samus' Ship

Postby Mea quidem sententia » 11.12.16 12:53pm

"Durable" would be the proper word. Since the gunships weigh a lot, they're going to have more force and kinetic energy, therefore, more damage.


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Re: How strong is Samus' Ship

Postby Xerkxes » 01.14.17 11:50am

It's difficult to assess, nigh impossible due to the lack of any numbers and scant concrete feats.
However, Let's go over what we know.

The ship that gets shot down in Zero Mission? the Pirate Fighter laser was able to blow a hole clean through it. Even if that Gunship isn't made of Unobtanium (any of the metroid fictional metals), the Pirate ship mounted lasers probably pack a hell of a punch to do that.

But, going by strict forward lore, enough of that ship SURVIVED the shot and crash to be salvaged and used in the next ship in Prime 1 (though, this could be that the Developers for Prime Hunters and Zero Mission were not talking when they made their respective pieces about the gunship).

Prime 2, it crashes through stone walls and is at least visibly not damaged. The only animated damage it takes is where it got struck by the lightning from inter-dimensional storm. The hull seemed to not give a damn about the crash.

Prime 3, it could take a light amount of hits from Pirate AA "Tiamat" guns. Unknown strength/ A bit weird that a ship mounted gun from Hunters was able to blow through the ship in one shot when a cannon that is the SAME size of the ship left only light damage. Possible explinations is that Samus' ship has been upgraded. Perhaps with shields (as prime 3 does, via the intercoms on the Olympus, shielding technology exists for ships.), perhaps a different metal was used for the hull.
Ghor Punches holes into the thing and was able to throw it.
However, a couple things to consider.
His Mech is NEARLY as large as the gunship itself. And is designed to be a gunship for him by itself. It's quite possible it's made of the similar, or harder materials.
Not only this, he exibits the strength to pick up and throw the ship as mentioned before. If the old prime 1 sites is to be believed, and that this ship is within the same weight ballpark? that's roughly 136 tons. Ghor was punching at the thing for quite a while. I think even the fastest players take almost 10 minutes to get there after you first get the message of the ship being under attack.

Ghor's attempt on the prime 3 ship is the closet thing we have to possibly figuring out it's durability, since we have the most variables for it.
But we still don't know the either the ship's or Ghor's Composition. I'm assuming the ships weight and have no idea what Ghor's is. We actually don't know the kind of force Ghor is generating, since it's not he punches something we KNOW any details about.

We've no idea how strong pirate fighter's beam weapons are.
We don't know how much punch their AA Tiamat turrets are.
We've no idea how fast it was going in both cases where it "survived" a crash.

And most importantly, no idea the ship's composition.
Steel? Titanium? Cordite (Metroid's version)?, Bendezium or Denzium? Maldium? Jovian Steel?
Bendezium is the LIKELY metal. The metal is allegedly abundant on Zebes, and is supposedly a "Popular" metal used in ship building according to Prime Lore. And Samus' ship is a a Chozo/Federation blend of technology. Prime 1 implies that Bendezium is much stronger than steel, but otherwise it's exact properties is unknown.

Despite the history of the ship, I'm not getting the impression that it's made of paper. More that Samus just gets herself into Hairy situations.
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Re: How strong is Samus' Ship

Postby metroidsuperfan11 » 03.16.17 2:51pm

Well some assumptions can be made just bear with me

The classic ship (prime 1, prime 2, super, fusion intro cutscene RoS) is the most durable ship. the prime 3 ship seems to have less hull

we know the ship can be destroyed

the prime 3 ship is weaker but has more variability such as weapon systems and a grapple system it can also repair faster

under the assumption that samus didn't take time off for physcial recovery the fusion ship can be assumed to be the least durable due to a rush job of sorts they may have sent her with an incomplete but functioning ship

Auto repair is much slower for the classic ship this is because it's older technology and I believe her ship in prime 3 has fairly recent updates in terms of on board computer capability and variability and repair capacity

Samus's ship in zero mission crashed straight through the hull there was no way samus could land, auto repair and escape the auto repair assuming it's there in the first place wouldn't be able to fix the hole anyway ... probably

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